Worst Robert Altman film?

I’ve seen a good share of his flicks, and many of them really sucked. However, my vote for most awful would have to be BEYOND THERAPY.

By the way, since Altman made GOSFORD PARK, does this mean he’s abandoned his past screenwriter Anne Rapp (responsible for COOKIE’S FORTUNE and Dr. T) forever and ever?

Could there be a God?

Although Altman has done some great work (MASH, Nashville, The Player), I’ve never been a big fan of most of his stuff. I HATED Short Cuts, although I know a lot of people loved that film. Didn’t care for Gosford Park, either.

His worst film, though? Gotta be Popeye.

of course, the worst one is ‘buffalo bill and the indians, or sitting bull’s history lesson’. the only thing cool was that there were some extremely long shots, but you know its gotta suck when thats the coolest thing.

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Pret-a-Porter was just insufferably lame, not to mention plain unwatchable at times. He was attempting to make a satire on the fashion industry, but clearly messed up by trying to make the industry even sillier than it already is.

Fortunately for Altman, not many people actually saw the film.

OC And Stiggs was a big ‘WTF.’ How is Altman able to make movies? Who in their right mind would fund him??

Anne Rapp is truly a horseshit writer.

I even remember the episode she wrote for the TV series “GUN” that Altman directed.

Utter, UTTER crap!

She’s never wrote for anyone but Altman. Blackmail is the only explanation. Hear me? The ONLY.

Another vote for “Ready to Wear.” Altman can miss big, but his hits are great cinema. He takes chances and sometimes loses, but his winners are all big winners.

There are so MANY awful films to choose from… but nothing comes close to “O.C. and Stiggs.”