Worst shows ever!

  1. Oprah
  2. Martha Stewart
  3. Judge Judy
  4. Passions
  5. Who wants to be a…
  6. The weakest link


Bah, those even come close to a Full House or a Small Wonder or The Olson Twins After Full House Show (I’ve blocked out the title).

Perhaps an explanation of what you define ‘SUCK’ as would be helpful. Do you find that they ‘suck’ because of cultural indiferences from yours? Perhaps the ‘suck’ value is higher due to a dislike to the type of show you are watching. In my professional opinion, I would suggest that you find shows that don’t ‘suck’. Of course some others may have different opinions, but I feel that you should follow my advice at your earliest oppertunity.


Good luck!

Please insert a don’t between those and even. Thank you.

Alley McBeal. It was interesting at first becuase of the hallucinations, but come on. It SUCKS. I really like David Kelly’s other two shows.

All daytime soaps suck. They are lower than Jerry Springer, which also sucks.

Making the Band, just thinking about watching it is painful.
Ed, Edd, and Eddy is the worst cartoon I’ve ever seen.

Cleopatra 2525. They took the worst song ever and made it the theme for a show that is almost as bad.

Digimon, this dumb cartoon is nothing short of plagiarism.

Pretty much all recent NBC sitcoms except; Frasier, Seinfeld, and Third Rock.

I’m sure there are many more, but I can’t think of them right now.

-Boston Public - for some strange reason, my brother likes to watch this piece of shiz
-Ally McBeal - I also used to watch this (not for the hallucinations because I thought that was retarded) but Ally bugs the crap out of me and I can’t stand looking at her
-Full House - Of course, I used to watch this when I was 10 and loved it, but when I see reruns now, I gag.
-NYPD Blue - Used to be good. Now it sucks.
-Grounded for Life - I warn against even sampling this show. I did, and I’ll never be the same…
-Growing Pains

You forgot one…

It is such a rip-off of SNL it’s not even funny.

Might I suggest Pokemon, too? The Japanese media are looking for a quick buck by infiltrating the minds of children here in America. Of course, we do the same thing over there, but I’m not in support of either one.

I know I’m in a slim minority here, but I was forced to sit through several episodes of The Kids In The Hall and I can honestly say I never once found it remotely funny.

Don’t even get me started on Ally McBeal…

I think Kids… is a bit of an acquired taste.
As for awful shows, I nominate most of Cartoon Network, all of Nickelodeon, all of MTV, and shows from most major networks.

The only two times i saw Ally mcBeal she made out with the mean Asian chick, and she screwed her best friends boyfriend. So i really dont have a problem with that show, though if you wanna tell me its suposed to be funny we might have a disagreement :wink:

I can’t see how you can rate any of these shows in the same category as the offal known as “Mama’s Family.”

Many shows aren’t worth the writer’s salaries. That particular show wasn’t worth the paper that the writers printed the script on. Even if they bought it in bulk.

“You don’t know Jack.”

Hey, that is a new show, not my opinion. You know that guy who did a childrens’ show but was caught masturbating on a theatre stage? Well that’s his new job, game show host of this show.

It sucks oranges.