Worst Week EVAR!!!!

I’m sick with this nasty, viscious cold, I ache all over, I look like a total hag, I can hardly breath, I can’t sleep and my ears hurt.

But that’s not the worst of it. I haven’t been able to use my own shower since fucking Monday. (I had a quick shower yesterday at my grandparents’).

You see, we had to have a new tub and shower liner put in. No big deal, right? Only ONE or MAYBE two days, and we’d be fine? Right?

Hell fucking shit. There are leaking pipes. For some reason, my mother discovered last night, the water is always running-although all faucets and all are TURNED OFF tightly. Worse, it’s hot water-just enough of a trickle that the hot water tank is able to make it steaming hot. So to avoid the tub backing up, to avoid the tank overheating or something-don’t ask me, I don’t know all the details!-we have no water. It has to be turned off.

I can’t have a fucking cup of tea, a bowl of soup. I can’t even wash my frigging hands, or take a fucking piss. We are almost out of Kleenex, my cats are all shut up. And I have had about ten hours of sleep in the last 24 hours. And my mother was giving me shit this morning about why I wanted to wait to clean up my room (dust, vaccume, that sort of thing). Or why I haven’t even started on my resume, with the tips I got from my meeting on Monday.

I stand up and I’m fucking DIZZY. No, I’m not THAT sick. But it’s been mass chaos for the past three damn days!

She calmed down-it was early, we’re all in shitty moods.

But dammit, I can’t even take a shower in my own tub! Or a hot steaming bath or something to open my sinuses.


I’d kill for 10 hours of sleep in the last 24 hours. Other than that, I can commiserate with having the water shut off for lengthy periods of repair.

Well, sweet georgia brown, it’s been fixed!

Tomorrow we can use it-my parents wanted to wait for the seal to dry a wee bit more. I just can’t make up mind to have a long hot bath, or a nice long shower.

I’m curious…just how much do you normally sleep in a regular 24-hour period? :slight_smile:

First, this is not an attempt to downplay the agony of not having water while having a cold.

Second, I can’t think of anything that would make me happier than to get 10 hours sleep in a 48 hour period. Right now I sleep about 8 hours out of every 48, and it’s awful.

Ouch. My sympathies. I don’t think I could do that.

I took a nice warm bath this morning, and washed my hair in the sink. Heaven.

You know what? Now that I think about it, 10 hours in a 24 hour period seems about right.

D’oh. Math was never my strong point. Let’s just say I slept about five hours each night, shall we?

It’s a ugly thing to not get much sleep.

It’s also a ugly thing to not have water, so you have my empathy from the one time that there was a gas leak near my apartment building and we had no hot water.

In October.

It was either cold shower or no shower.

Indeed. You are aware, I presume, that there is generally only one night in a given 24-hour period?

Right. Okay. You’re sick, you’re upset, and I do assume that you mean 48-hours. Get better, and congrats about the water. My mom had a cold last week, my father has it today. I’m waiting…

Reminds me of an old,doddery, eccentric relative who died before I was born, but is famous in our family for responding to “How are you?” with (deadpan):
“No bloody good. I haven’t had a wink of sleep all day!

Okay, smack me with the calculator. The fever probably short circuited my brain.


If only I could get that shitty Michelle Branch song out of my head…damn my sister!