Worthless dregs of the week

Damn, but it seems like every week there’s another story of some excremental subhuman inflicting his (it’s usually a guy but women get to play too) bestiality on some innocent (generally a child and/or female). Are the troglodytes out there having “Who can top this?” contests for the most disgusting, vicious, horrifying atrocity?

The latest: A pustule disguised as a 17-year-old guy raped an 8-year-old girl, then stuffed her into a recycling bin and threw it into a boulder-filled dumpster. Disposed of her when he’d had his jollies as if she were trash.

Not content with that, the scumsucker then

Oh, and I offer no comment on the fact that this happened in Florida.

note to self, don’t move to florida. some nice people there, but the minority of jerkks and asshats, and psychos way outbalance the nice people=\

well, and it is too humid as well…

How is the incident taking place in Florida germane?

A website called fark.com often posts examples of crazy Floridians with a icon pointing out that it happend in Florida. It is kind of a joke.

That’s why Loveline has their Germany or Florida contest. If the stories are bizarre, it’s usually going to be from one of those two places.

Nowhere near that subterranean cesspool dweller mentioned in the OP, but one person that comes to mind is James Kilts. This shithead became CEO of Gillette probably just to sell the damned company to Procor & Gamble to make HUGE stock profits for himself.
As if this asshole hasn’t done enough for himself, he is being considered for the CEO of Coca-Cola. Wonder how long before Coke gets sold after this self-serving shithead moves his fat ass into the executive office?
It’s late so I didn’t post any links, but it is easy to find news about this selfish bastard. Just type in “Kilts” and “Proctor & Gamble” and find out about this bottom-feeding business “tycoon”. :mad:

ACK. I’ve been reading about Kilts in the Boston Globe and it’s enough to gag a maggot.

You want some more outrage at unconscionable greed and contempt for the workers? Try Googling “Polaroid” and “pensions”.

Which is worse – a callous brute like the Florida guy, who brutalizes one person, or a slick bastard like Kilts, who screws over thousands?

I wonder if our tax dollars will go on to pay for some Viagra for these “people”.

I just checked out the Boston Globe’s website and read the AP version of the story, which includes these details that CNN’s didn’t:

Holy blistering crap.

Understatement of the year:

I know, whaddya going to say, really? But fuck.

More detail: the kid claimed four guys broke into the house (without waking anyone else up) and two attacked him while the other two snatched the girl, and then they drove off in a station wagon.

At least he made up something so off-the-wall that they didn’t spend any time following it up. Probably made the difference between murder and attempted murder.

I hope this bastard never sees daylight again. Jesus.