Would a warp drive slow down time for the passengers?

Hi, I understand that increasing speed reduces the passing of time (relative to everyone else).

  1. Would a theoretical warp drive that moves a ship by stretching and compressing the space around it, slow down in time?

  2. If this ship ran into a spec of dust or other object, which normally would do significant damage at high speed contact, would the ship be fine or suffer damage?


To the extent that we can say anything about warp drives at all, it would be equally easy to make one with any relationship one chose between the flow of time inside the bubble and outside of it.

Not if your deflector was working. Just remember to stock up with anti-protons.

There are different theories of how a warp engine could work, and how that would effect the passage of time. Also how the interaction of matter and potential collisions would play out. I’ve heard some theories that collided matter would stick to the front of the warp bubble like bugs on a windshield till the ship came out of warp then all that stuff would be released forward with perhaps enough energy to destroy the star you are visiting (solution, many shorter warp hops and be careful where you aim that thing when you step on the brake), to a zero inertia warp bubble that you break away from spacetime, slip that bubble through spacetime with spacetime running around it with no interaction (no collision), till the destination where the bubble is reattached, and many others as well.