Would an Edwards endorsement lock up the Dem nomination? (+ethics question)

Right now, Clinton and Obama are neck-in-neck. If Edwards gives his endorsement for either Senator, will that Senator be pretty much guaranteed to win the nomination? Does Edwards’ have that much of an influence in the public’s mind (despite not being able to win the nomination himself)?

Additionally, if Edwards does have the public pull to sway the nomination, is it ethical for him to do so? I believe he initially said he dropped out of the race because he wanted to give the public a real race between two popular candidates. So, by giving his endorsement, is he skewing the results? Should he stay out and not endorse anybody?

I’m not really sure that Edwards is relevant enough for his endorsement to carry much weight. He only has like what, 26 delegates? He was a bigger force in 2004, he should have busied himself over the past four years trying to actually do something to make people think he was a viable Presidential candidates. Instead all he did was work for a hedge fund.

Delegates originally committed to Edwards were committed by those who voted for Edwards, not Edwards himself. His endorsement could get a ‘bump’ for whoever, (fi that), but certainly not the entire enchilada. I don’t see what ‘ethics’ have to do with it, though.

He also has 18 potential delegates from the Florida primary. If that delegation gets seated, those could matter.

Sounds most uncomfortable.

If he’d endorsed somebody immediately, I think that might have mattered, but at this point he’s been out of the race for a month and his supporters have already decided who their second choice was. Yes, the delegates might help, but it won’t settle the race.

I see no ethical issue either.

His endorsement is quite nearly useless by now. Had he come out before Super Tuesday, he could have made a difference and could have bargained for influence in the new administration. Now both Hillary and Obama can tell him to get stuffed.

Edwards brought nothing to the Kerry campaign. He wants to be president because he wants to be president. I can’t imagine anyone changing their vote because of who he endorses.