Would anyone be interested in reading some mythology?

Or, just generally what kind of threads do you wish people would start?

I’ve noticed a few people saying they like the more creative writing threads. I’m working on a conlanging / worldbuilding thing and am currently writing mythology and I’ve got a few things already written for that world. Anybody interested in reading them?

Full Disclosure time: It’s Thundercats based. Yeah, I know. I am a geek. I’m developing different cultures and languages for Thundera. But besides references to fur and glowing cat eyes, most of it is just general mythology - world creation, a Tower of Babel analog, that sort of thing. (I do have a myth / history about the Eye of Thundera, if anybody is interested.)

I know no one wants the SDMB to turn into a blog, thus my asking.

Why in the name of Zeus son of Chronos son of Uranus wasn’t I asked first?


You leave me with no choice but to bomb New Thundera with my new mass driver.

Oh, and I totally want to read your stuff.

… because I haven’t done anything significant with the clan Cheetara’s part of?

Oh, and could you aim for Jaguara first? She’s really creepy.

I’ve made language for Jaga & Lion-o (Ylis), the twins (I don’t remember the name and I didn’t get much done), and a couple of my original characters. And I have general myth-y stuff (which basically ends up being Ylis, seeing as that’s the language of the capitol. They’re like the America of Thundera - they’ve exported their culture to the world)

So I’ve got one vote for, ‘yeah, I want to see it’? Any 'nay’s?

I’m assuming this’ll go in Cafe Society. For that matter, anybody want to see the cultural write up I’m working on right now? I’m having a lot of fun.

By all means, post away. I’m something of an obsessive world-builder, myself–enough so that I actually have trouble writing game scripts, because I get caught up in detailing the lore behind them and neglect to write the actual set pieces.

I’m also working, on and off, on a conlang for a very advanced felinoid predatory race, so I’ve been giving thought to how to adapt feline vocalizations to complex language. They’re very rarely encountered directly in the scenarios I’m planning, so their language keeps getting put on the back burner.

Moving thread from IMHO to Cafe Society.

I’m taking that as an ‘aye’ vote Czar =^_^=

I love mythology, although I don’t know a hot squat in a litterbox about Thundercats.

As I said, it’s not specifically Thundercats. All you gotta know is that it involves fuzzy people painted to look vaguely like cats.

I’m thinking if I get two or three more 'aye’s I’ll give it a try.

Sure I will give it a try. Is thundercats anything like this?

No, Thundercats is like this, but you don’t need to know any of that. I’m only going to post things that don’t reference the show. It’s kinda like the myths Eric Burns came up with over on Banter Latte, although most of his is really light-hearted and slightly silly.

(I really need to go write the second half of the myth I’m planning on posting…)

Sure! Bring it on, I’d love to see what you’ve done.