would intestinal worms die in space?

If a person harbouring intestinal worms visits space in a rocket, wil the worms die due to effect of lesser gravity?

Why would you think they might die? Ift he host can survive why would the worms be any more susceptible.

It’s conceivable that without gravitational effects the eggs might not develop properly, and thus the population would die off due to old age. But I know of no evidence for this, and it seems highly improbable.

No, it is more likely the parasites will mutate into a sentient species, and utilize the host’s body for raw materials to start their civilization.

why do u want to give nonsensical answers like this?

Because it’s true. We were all intestinal space worms once. If you look deep into the collective consciousness… you will remember. Back then the Earth was still flat and the soil was still moist and humor still existed.

They would die in space, but they’re smart enough to stay in your intestines instead.

dheep143, please explain why you think intestinal worms need gravity in order to survive.

While I am not aware of any space testing of intestinal worms, NASA has done numerous tests of various life forms to see their response to microgravity. I am not aware of any having troubles surviving.

There’s some saying about what might cause someone to receive a stupid answer…just can’t quite put my finger on it…

You know, I would like to see Mythbusters take this one on.

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I imagine there are also deliberate factors at play, such as women avoiding foods that give them gas, whereas men don’t avoid them, or even go out of their way to eat them.

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You wanted Farts, you got space worms instead.

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And, the farts can be the greenhouse gas emmissions of the intestinal worm civilization.

See, it all ties together logically.

This new learning amazes me, DrFidelius. Please tell me again how sheep’s bladder may be employed to prevent earthquakes.

And thus Trill society emerged…

At this point, the space worm farts are so tightly integrated into the thread, it would confuse the conversation if I removed the post. I think we’ll just leave it and carry on…