Would it be bad to crock-pot these steaks?

I have a couple pounds of “USDA Prime Beef-Loin Top Sirloin Steak”. I really wanted a roast, but there ya go–with the lack of sales on roasts, and the last-day sales on these, I got these.
Anyway, can I crockpot them with some potatoes and onions? Or should I broil them in the oven (which, by the way, ONLY works as a broiler)? I have some marinade here too, if I need to marinade them first…

Heh. Can you tell I usually buy hamburger?


I think they’d get pretty dry if you crock-potted them. Better to broil, in my opinion.

A crock pot is a terrible waste of prime sirloin.

The “slow cooker” excels at taking a cheap, tough piece of meat and thoroughly beating it into submission – in other words, it’s great for a pot roast.

Top sirloin is already tender enough – that’s why you can broil it and not have to cut it with a saber-saw. You can marinade if you want, but there’s no need to marinade for tenderness, just taste.

Not having my trusty slow cooker cookbook here at the office, I don’t know what the right cooking times would be. But it’s entirely possible that if you brown the steaks and then put them in the crock pot (as is usually recommended for any kind of meat) the meat will actually get done sooner than the vegetables.

My personal solution for what to do when I have a steak but don’t feel like eating “steak” is to cut it into strips or small pieces, sautee it, find a recipe for sauce, and dump everything over rice or noodles.

That’s kind of what I thought…that cping it would make it weird. Maybe I’ll broil it instead.
At least I got a decent deal on it. The older kids like meat, so it should be a hit.
Thanks guys!