Would it be more effective to bathe fully clothed ?

If you get in the tub in, say, suit and shirt, could you rub soap into the clothes and use them as an all-over wash cloth ?

dunno. Give it a go and get back to us. Maybe try a shower as well for the contrast.

No. When I lived in an extremely hot climate, sometimes I would walk into a cool shower fully clothed just to cool off for a bit. I had concrete floors, so I could lounge around wet without an issue.

Wet clothes are heavy and bind in odd ways. Whatever you gain in coverage, you lose in mobility.

Sweat and body oils and dirt get lodged under clothing and stick to skin. You need either running water or standing water with a cloth/sponge to remove what’s on your skin. Having clothing on top will impede that removal and you’ll have funk stuck in places you don’t want it, and a layer of oil that will retain whatever sticks to it between your skin and clothes. Plus, without fabric softener, your clothes will dry kind of crispy.

While there may be factual answers to a poorly worded question, this one will draw many opinions, I think this will do better in IMHO rather than General Questions. Moved.

samclem, moderator

And it may be less constricting in a shallow part of your nearest canal.

At least they can’t get you for indecent exposure.

You’ll never get the soap out of the clothes. You’ll be walking around looking like you’re blowing fart bubbles.

When bicycle touring, such as RAGBRAI, I go into a shower wearing my cycling clothing. I use soap on the clothing first then peel it off. Next I soap up the insides of the clothes then rinse it off. Lastly I clean up myself in the shower. I hang the clothing to dry often on the bicycle.

It’s not really the best way to do things, but it works well enough that I don’t need to pack a fresh set of cycling clothing for each day nor do I need to find a laundromat every couple of days.

In long distance hiking something similar where a shower and time to dry is available.

Weather permitting, it would be most efficient of all, and more comfortable too, if we all just ran around naked all the time. We’d still have to bathe, but it would be easier if we didn’t need to bother with setting out clean clothes; getting all undressed; getting dressed again afterward; and doing laundry. If the weather is warm enough, you wouldn’t even need to take the time to dry yourself; you could just air-dry.

Our social customs go a long way towards making all our lives uselessly harder.

Think about that for a minute. You would actually have to see everyone naked.