Would it be safe to say the Amish are socialist?

I was going to ask this in the National Socialist thread, but that thread seems to be going rather fine and I didn’t want to change subjects completely because this one could have a large answer as well.
Do the Amish live in a socialist society amongst themselves?

Of the Anabaptists (of whom the Amish are merely the most recognizable sect), I believe only the Hutterites believe in “community of goods” as they call it, meaning shared property. To my knowledge, the Amish and Mennonites own private property. Although many social supports come from within the community, I don’t think you can call it Socialism in a political sense. They don’t believe that the government should be a central controlling authority, for instance. Most Anabaptists believe the government should have only very limited powers over them (they didn’t do so good with governments in their early days).

BTW, Anabaptsists also strongly believe in the separation of church & state.

Rather than socialist, the Amish are an example of a communitarian lifestyle.

Unfortunately, the word has been hijacked in the 1990s to mean a particular type of political philosophy, so it’s use may have become misleading.

But communitarian philosophies are older than socialist philosophies and developed in an entirely different path so there should be no need to confuse the two. In America alone, there were any number of communitarian compounds, farms, villages, and attempted utopias in the 19th century, many of these affiliated with a small religious or quasi-religious sect. Certainly many of these were a similar type of response to the new industrialized society to the one that Marx was creating as a critique, but they were independent creations.

What Exapno said. I’ve known several Amish people, and not only would they be horrified to be thought of as socialist, it’s not a particularly applicable term to them.

Chiming in with what others have observed. The Amish don’t want to depend on anything from a government source.
For example…The Amish don’t pay Social Security tax. They believe the community can take care of their old people without government help.
Of course, they’ll never collect Social Security but that’s fine by them.

Could I as an American Christian who has paid taxes and paid into Social Security for years decide to become Amish and stop paying into Social Security?