Would it kill you to say "bye"? (lame - but short)


I can’t stand it when I am about to get off of the phone with someone and they do not say “bye”. I feel like a dolt because I have to sit there for a second until it registers that they have hung up the phone. It just seems rude. Kid of like I’ve been hung up on, except not in an angry way.

Please, say something when you are getting off the phone. Anything to signify the end of the conversation will do.


See ya later
Take it easy

Anything will work as long as it is clear to both parties that the call is ending. Otherwise I will assume that the call got dropped before properly ending and call back to make sure you were finished speaking.

Thank you for your time.


I actually very rarely say “Bye” but I do end the call in a way that makes it obvious that I’m ending the call.

“Ok, thanks then, Daniel, catch you later”


“Have a good day, talk to you soon”


But “bye” is one of those words I really just don’t like to use, for no good reason.

Blame it on sit coms.

I heard the fact years ago that on sit coms no one ever says goodbye when ending a converstation on the phone.

Lo and behold, I have found it to be true. Cheers and Three’s Company are two I can name off the top of my head that this occurred.

Unfortunetly, everytime I watch a sit com, I am always looking for the person on the phone and waiting to see if they say bye.
They never do :slight_smile:

I had a boss (who I was quite fond of except for this despicable habit) who would answer the phone by saying “GO!” I just wanted to throttle him.

Have you been talking to my dad on the phone? haha. 0

He’s so rude, he just hangs up when he’d done talking. It’s really irritating, especially when you’re about to say something.

I had a friend that would answer by saying “green.” Or “telephone.” It was rather amusing. For about a month.

What drives me nuts is when I’m talking to my girlfriend, and thinking that we should wrap up the conversation soon, and just before I say “Well, I should let you go…”, the battery on her phone dies. Then I have to call her back, while she’s trying to call me back, and we play phone tag for about 10 minutes. Just to give a proper goodbye. :rolleyes:

Oh, yeah. There’s a famous actor who has a brother who is an up and coming screenwriter. I used to be friends with the brother when we were kids. Without fail, when he was done with the conversation, he would say “OK, bye”, then hang up immediately. No chance for me to say bye back, or tell him one last thought. Just “OK, bye”, click, hum.

Made me stick a steering wheel down my pants.

I’ll say ‘bye’ when I’m having a personal conversation, but end most of my work conversations with ‘thank-you’, in a tone of voice conveying that the conversation is over, or that I’ve recieved and understood whatever information the caller was imparting. Somehow, it seems more professional that way.

I have a friend who answers by saying “telephone”. His rational, as opposed to being amusing, is that automated telemarketing systems recognize “hello” and transfer the call to an awaiting telemarketer. “telephone” is not recognized as such and automated systems will drop the call.

That is also true on soaps.

I say goodbye, see you later, goodnight, etc when I am making a personal call. At work, a lot of my goodbyes are thank you(s).

And whenever they hang up the phone they always stare at it. As if it’s going to turn into a snake. Only then do they put it down.

I hate talking on the phone. One less word would be welcome relief. At the other extreme, however, are people who go on and on with, “Well, I guess I have to get off here soon…” and then proceed to blather on another five minutes until the next, “Well, I gotta go pretty soon…” Oy.

I usually say kaythanksgottagobye. I used to work with a yuppie scum who would answer his phone, “Talk to me.” or sometimes, “Make it quick.”

“Bye.” “Later.” “Thanks.” “Right.” …etc.
Anything is better than just hanging up. Have some manners, damn it!

Yup, yup yup. And the movies. This drives me crazy. NO one in real life hangs up the phone the way they do in the movies or on TV. I need a “bye” necessarily, but SOME sort of “wrapping it up” phrase as mentioned above. Such as “okay, thanks for you help see you soon” and so on.

No, it’s more like this for instance:

Two cops discussing taking down the bad guy

Cop 1: public enemy number one will be at the cafe at 2pm

Cop 2: I’ve got the snitch wired for sound

Cop 1: Swat will be backing us up

Cop 2: I’m loaded for bear, he won’t won’t get away with it again

Cop 1: See that he doesn’t



Audience: Whaaa??!! How do they know what time to meet? Who’s driving?? How do they know that that was ALL they were supposed to discuss?


I hate “I should let you go” or “I’m going to let you go” or any variation on the ‘letting me go’ theme (unless, of course, I’ve indicated that I actually do want/need to go). The person I’m talking with assumes that it’s up to them to determine when our conversation is over, yet manages to imply that ending the call was somehow my idea, and it’s disingenuous: instead of just saying they need to go, the person acts like they’re doing me a favor by ending the call. :rolleyes:

That said, I freely admit that I’m a bit anal retentive and I tend to pay more attention to the literal meaning of words than other people, so it’s entirely possible that my dislike of that phrase is simply an overreaction. But I still don’t like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It always irritates me when the don’t say bye on tv shows. They seem like they are in mid-convo, then all of a sudden they just hang up. Because I am a bit anal about manners I always end up shouting at the tv…they never bloody listen though.

Just say bye (or seeya, ciao, ta ta eyc. Anything)! It won’t kill you.

:eek: Manners!?

Sounds like some of the people using the phone these days have decided manners are not :cool:

:wally on them!


:wally on them, damn it!

:wink: Perfect, J. Me

I would guess they’re seeking a polite way to say exactly that. That you’ve been talking a while, they worry you are staying on out of politeness listening to them blather, and don’t want to impose, but don’t want to end the call, because it’s still interesting, and if you agree you could chat some more. So they attempt to put the ball in your court with “But I expect you’d best get on” or “I should let you go” or whatever, to which the response can be “Yeah, it’s been too long. Lovely to talk to you” or “Not at all, this is great.” If they said “Do you need to go?” it’s putting more onus on you to say “Actually, yes, you’re keeping me” which is a bit too blunt for lots of people.

This is weird. I don’t think I’ve ever talked to someone who didn’t say “bye” - or at least nowhere near the epidemic levels these posts suggest - and if they didn’t, I’d be astonished.