Would Lech Walesa be welcome in today's Republican Party?

Walesa is avidly pro-labor and a member of the Reagan admiration society who recently refused to meet President Obama.

I doubt he knows very much about American politics.

I say the GOP would ridicule him and refuse to let him participate in the party based on his labor stance.

When several current Repub candidates are ridiculing Romney, who should be the shining example of Republican ideals (see: rich white business man), the would even Jesus if he made a surprise appearance.

But since probably 0.005% of Repub voters know who Walesa is, the question is moot.

How could they refuse to let him participate in the party?

But why don’t you flesh out that pathetic OP a bit, and analyze what his politics are beyond stating that he’s “a member of the Reagan admiration society”… I don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean.

Tell us what his politics are and why he should fit into the Republican party.

Same way they refuse to let Ron Paul participate in the party, i.e., quite effectively, as it turns out.

You mean by making him the chairman of the U.S. House Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology?

The OP is clearly (actually, not so clearly) suggesting that he’d be kicked out of the party. Something that can’t be done.

I don’t think he WOULD fit into the Republican Party. He is pro-labor and social change via collective bargaining. In the 80’s he won the Nobel Peace Prize and was an icon to many Americans and Reagan befriended him.

The irony and possible argument is this - Reagan embraced Walesa but today the GOP would distance themselves from him.

Now, he is strongly anti-abortion so that might be a way for the GOP to accept him.

No, I am suggesting that he would be given the Fred Karger treatment.

Lech Walesa wouldn’t have fit in well in the Republican party in the 1980s either. Lech Walesa wasn’t a hero to Reagan or Republicans or Americans or whatever because he was a conservative Republican. He was a hero to them because he spoke out against Communism and for freedom for Poland.

OK. Why don’t you quote the section from that link that spells out specifically what that “treatment” is.

How can the leader of several Polish political movements and parties be considered an American Republican? The whole premise of the OP is flawed.

No, because he was resentful of people who were screwing over the Poles. Resentment is always bad, no matter what you are resenting. So let’s take back our country! [sarcasm smilie]

Yes it can. State committees can keep candidates from appearing on their primary ballots, as Georgia did to David Duke.