Would Michael Vick enjoy Pokemon?

While seeing more Michael Vick news today and also shopping for Nintedo DS games a thought crossed my mind:

Isn’t the whole Pokemon phenomena kind of like a virtual dog fighting game?
Collect pets, train them to fight, then fight them against others in an arena.

Just a kind of weird thought.

My last job was working for Eidos, the company that makes the Tomb Raider games. We had a bulletin board in the break room where we’d post letters we got from fans. Mostly cute letters from kids, the occasional crazy-assed rant, and often, proposals for new games. The game proposal category had significant overlap with the cute letters from kids (“I’ll give you my allowance if you’ll use it to make Soul Reaver for the GameBoy,” kind of thing), but one exception was a very lengthy letter detailing a proposal for a dog fighting sim. It was better fleshed out than some of our internally generated game proposals. And it was creepy as hell, in large part because it was such a solid proposal. The game would have worked fine: might have even been fun, if you could get past the subject matter. But it’s pretty telling that it ended up on the bulletin board. Eidos actively positions itself as making games for the adult market. We made the Thief games, where the goal is to break into people’s houses and steal from them. We made the Hitman games, where the goal is to break into people’s houses and murder them. At the time we got that proposal, we were making the game 25 to Life, which places the player in the role of a gangbanger who has to gun down over a hundred uniformed police officers just to beat the first level. But the dog fighting game was so out there, it became an office in-joke. As controversy-hungry as Eidos was, we wouldn’t have touched that game with a ten foot pole.

Not really related to you OP, I guess, but I thought it was worth sharing.

I’ve called it “the cockfighting cartoon” for years, but I guess dogs are an equally apt metaphor.


Too funny!
About six months ago, I was talking with my stepkids who like both Pokémon and Animal Planet’s Animal Rescue show, and we decided we wanted to make an animated short combining the two. Any doper with the skills is welcome to the idea:
Animal rescue officers come go to the Pokemon Training arena and arrest Ash, detailing the fighting the animals are forced to endure and their extremely cramped quarters, etc.

If this hasn’t already been done, and someone decides to do this, just let me know where it can be seen.

Michael Vick’s niece: Look Uncle Mike! I have Nintendogs for my DS! I can raise and train puppies!

Michael Vick: Cool! Then you can have them fight eachother?

Micheal Vick’s niece: No.

Michael Vick: Well what kind of crappy sort of game is that?
Coming this fall:
Michael Vick’s Nintendawgs: blood red edition