Would <shudder> Pres. Trump put all assets in a blind trust

as past Presidents/candidates have done? If/when he becomes the nominee, he should do it then. But would he/will he?

Here’s an articlethat discusses this issue. In essence:

I cannot see Trump doing that.

I don’t think even he thinks he’s going to win, so it should never reach that point.

It’s a legal requirement if he actually wins, so I don’t think he’ll have a choice. Especially given that the Senate probably won’t be super averse to impeaching him.

I doubt he’ll bother if he just wins the nomination though. I’m pretty sure there’s no legal requirement that he does so. IIRC, Romney’s trust was run by his personal lawyer, and so the extent to which it was “blind” was pretty debatable. But it didn’t seem to be much of an issue. I can’t imagine the public will care if Trump just doesn’t bother with the fiction.

Imagine, presidential suites at his hotels endorsed by the actual president! The White House selling Trump steaks from the Rose Garden. A line of official presidential ties with Trump’s face stitched on the inside…

The article linked above lists no such requirement. It says:

The rest of that quote is:

Most candidates care about appearances. Up to now, Donald hasn’t.

He could host a reality show to pick a trustee to administer his money for him.

I’m pretty sure that he would not get ripped off by his trustees.
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I love Joyce Porter.

I think the Senate won’t considering it is the House that impeaches.