Would some kind francophone translate this classic commercial


One of my favorite vintage commercials. I’ve decided that I want to know what those upset women are saying. If you could provide the French along with the translation that would be aces.

Google gives

Egoïste , où es-tu ?
Montre-toi , misérable !
Prends garde à mon courroux ,
Je serai implacable !
Ô rage , ô désespoir ,
Ô mon Amour trahi !
N’ai-je donc tant vécu que pour cette infamie ?
Montre-toi , égoïste !
Egoïste !

Now - what does it mean ? Short version - “you bastard, how could you do this to me !”

Line by line, something like :

Egoiste (selfish bastard), where are you ?"
Show yourself, worm !
Beware my wrath,
I will be relentless !
Oh rage, oh despair,
Oh love betrayed !
Have I so long lived but to endure his infamy ?
Show yourself, egoiste !
Egoiste !

The “rage and despair” bit is from Le Cid (Corneille) - beloved of all French schoolchildren, “courroux” is biblical, the “infamy” stuff I’m not sure, might be original.

The toughest part to render in English is the word “egoiste” - it means egotist, but can (and is) actually be used as an epithet meaning “selfish prick”, but without the “vulgarity”…

And that’s all you get from me on a Sunday morning :slight_smile:

Edit - nevermind - I see. Thanks :slight_smile: