Would someone like to explain Gaiman's "American Gods" to me? (Spoilers)

Loved Sandman, saw AG in an airport bookstore, read it, liked it a lot. But I’m finding myself in need of some annotations for the damn book! I was left with a few questions, unfortunately.

  1. The technology god talked about his 206 children. I’ve been racking my brain and can’t think of what that’s a reference to.

  2. Um, what was going on there at the end? Shadow died and was reborn, but he was the son of a god and had a sacrifice dedicated to him, so he seems to have the power to walk unseen now. Was he a god? Something else?

Please add your own comments and questions too.

I am reading the book right now (almost finished), and have not been very impressed. I love Neil Gaiman, but when I am reading a novel I expect, you know, a plot. Most of this book seems to go like this:

  1. Shadow and Wednesday go to meet other gods living in America and have a vague and confusing conversation about an upcoming war

  2. Shadow hangs out in rural Wisconsin

  3. Repeat, about half a dozen times

go to www. neilgaiman.com and click on the message board link. There are 3 boards cevoted to AG, including one for Spoilers & another for annotations.

I would advise against posting on the World’s End board simply because it is mainly populated by assholes now, who do nothing but bleat & screech about how Bush is a fascist etc. It gets boring really quickly.

But the boards about AG may be of some help.

If I may fix WSLer’s link:


Thanks, that was really useful. It seems that no one knows the answers to my questions there, either. I now feel a little less behind the curve, but a little more frustrated . . .