Would the human race die out if we only "did it" like the bible says you're supposed to?

Pure speculation, I know, but my guess would be yes.

So as a shameless sinner: YOU’RE WELCOME Christians. Enjoy living in a society.


You mean because people wouldn’t have enough kids? Not a chance. I’d actually expect to see faster population growth, based on how religion tends to see birth control.

Without more information - what, exactly, would we be doing solely in the biblical sense? - I’d have to say no. Human beings are demonstrably capable of living in Stone Age hunter-gatherer societies - anything that permits a standard of living equal to or greater than that will almost certainly be something the human race can survive. Not comfortably, and not in large numbers, perhaps - but you’d have to really work to convince me that the Bible, if followed literally, would cause the extinction of the human race.

BTW, I’m an atheist who finds religion profoundly distasteful.

Yeah but still, they have to wait until marriage before they start making babies.

I’m currious what the stats are; babies being born in verses born out of marriage.

It would be helpful if you specified what you mean by “like the bible says you’re supposed to”. I will take that to mean that you never have sex with anyone except the opposite-sex person you’re monogamously married to, unless they die first, then repeat. And that this is a significant barrier to childbearing. It seems to me that most of the obstacles to reproduction stem not from monogamy itself but from social constraints on marriage. If there was no approbrium to allowing 13-year old girls to pick one guy and start screwing merrily away, I don’t see that there would be a problem. The main social obstacles to marriage are being old enough and independent enough to raise your own children, choosing a partner your whole family won’t hate having as an inlaw, and being able to afford children.

I mean no babies on the entire planet being born outside of marriage.

Since this is a hypothetical, I’d like to add that people living in this alternate universe aren’t getting married just so they can get laid.

But I think families used to be bigger back in the days of “sex within marriage only” being more of the norm. You know, like The Waltons?

If they could only have sex inside marriage, people would probably marry earlier.

In addition, only “Biblical” sex presumably excludes any method of birth control apart from abstinence, so you would have a large increase in the birth rate.

However, those who are married would be having kids every 1-2 years, so that would more than make up for those who are currently having kids out of wed-lock.

If we were to go by those standards, even if there was no sex before marriage, and people weren’t marrying for the sole purpose of reproduction, I think we would still see a spike in the population. And even on the off chance we didn’t, there’s no way we would die out because of it.

Just curious. What exactly does the Bible say about birth control?

Well, there’s this bit:

But that’s just disobedience to God in the specific circumstance, not a reference to birth control in general.

Then I think you’re talking about a major change in human nature.

If it somehow suddenly became impossible to get laid without having your right index finger cut off first, I think you’d be seeing an awful lot of nine-fingered people around pretty quickly.

There is no way humans would not be getting married willy-nilly to get laid. People would be marrying at 17, 18, 19, and popping out babies left and right.

There are many interpretations of the story about Onan, and one is that it means that birth control is wrong generally, i.e., that you should only have sex to procreate.

Disappointed, Shakes?

This. It happens now, even without social pressures. It would just happen on a wider scale.

lol. Yes, I am kind of.

Dude, you should hang out with some Orthodox Jews. I taught at an Orthodox school. Never once did I hear reference to someone in their community born out of wedlock, so either it didn’t happen or those who had extra-marital sex were shunned.

Girls married in their late teens/early twenties, and immediately started having kids. According to the laws of Leviticus, a specific time after her period is over, a woman takes a cleansing bath (mikvah), and that night, her husband is obligated to have sex with her. The timing is very fortuitous for conception. Very large families are standard. My principal had twelve children. All of them redheads, G-d help him.

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And so quickly too.