Would this Troy Hurtubise Ursus Mark V bear protection suit protect you from enraged chimpanzees?

Suit here

So … does he win vs 2 chimps or not?

well they wouldn’t be able to rip your testicles off, chew your face off or eat your fingers which seem to be the biggest chimp finishing moves from the reports. You also look considerably bigger in the suit, which is more likely to make the animal flee from you.

How about you try it?

I love that guy - I must have seen his doc about a dozen times. I think the one at the end of that clip would be OK, against a chimp or two. The Mark V has too many finger holds for a chimp to grab onto.


I like how they cut from a couple shots of people hitting his arms and he’s not wearing a helmet DIRECTLY to the same two people swinging full strength at his head. Oh, and he’s got his helmet on now.

Chimp would undress him, then chew off his fingers and face.

I don’t get it…obviously if he’s going to show off the helmet’s ability to take a pound he’s going to put it on. What exactly is wrong with him not having it on for a prior test? I don’t think anyone is under the illusion he can take a cricket bat to the face without a helmet on.