Would this work as a "Weird Earl"?

I found today the BBC news site as it was in 1997 (you don’t want to know how - let’s just say I was looking for info on Dennis Healey!)

It’s frozen in time a couple of days after Mother Theresa and Princess Di died. You can see it at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/special/politics97/

Any good?

Thousands of old sites are available(see Wayback Machine). What makes this one weird?

It’s just very peculiar to look at this stuff fifteen years later. EG about whether Britain should join the Euro (the pro V cons article is worth reading) or to see the hysteria about Diana even as reported by BBC.

I don’t know much about “Weird Earls” tbh as I am just responding to a sticky I saw. If the consensus is, after a few more have weighed in, that this is entirely unsuitable please would someone move this thread to MPSIMS?

You know, that site looks very, very good for 1997. I have seen far worse in 2012 than that thing.

This would be my nomination for Weird Earl’s.