Would Trump dare claim he is Q?

Let’s say his popularity continues to go down the toilet and he gets even more desperate. He knows that QAnon believers like him. Would he try to claim he’s Q to get them all up in arms (perhaps literally)? Maybe after he loses the election?

Oh, that Q.

X-actly. My thought, too.

Q? Like from Star Trek? Or from James Bond? You liberals baffle me.

Q is actually John F. Kennedy Jr.

Trump will absolutely do whatever he thinks could get himself re-elected, accrue power, or stay out of jail.

You tell them I hate when they call me “John John”.

I took it as Star Trek Q, and yes I believe Trump would claim to be some sort of God, and he already portrays that image and tried to put that forth.

All so far without claiming actual godhood, but claiming such characteristics of such a being such as perfect health even in old age, having divine like knowledge beyond conventional means / claiming his hunches are always right/knowing what is good for us, having the power to frustrate any effort against him, thus untouchable, claims to be above the law/immune, claims to be a king (his layers have stated Trump is a elected king). Trump may even believe he is son of Zeus or something.

I think he’d lose votes over it.
All the QAnon people are already going to vote for him. Claiming he’s Q, I think, runs the possibility of alienating a few of them and convincing some undecided that they should take their vote elsewhere.
As far as Q is concerned, WRT to Trump getting reelected, his best bet is to continue what he’s been doing. When asked about QAnon just say neutral, but slightly praiseful things about it, while still being in a place of plausible denianility (“I’m not that familiar with them, but I hear they’re fans of mine and the movement is getting bigger”).
The QAnon people are essentially a cult. They’ve suggested that all his misspelled tweets are codes to them. I can’t imagine what he would have to do or say to lose their vote.

To me, suggesting that he’s Q would be akin to claiming he’d God. He’s already got the Religious Right. Claiming to be God would drive some of them (but not all) away while at the same time driving away the moderates that may have still voted for him.

Trump does his worst reading rational material from the teleprompter and his best ranting meaningless platitudes. So, he’d benefit most from his high points. The, more outrageous the better. QAnon is no worse politically than deriding McCain’s heroism.

His acceptance speech on the teleprompter should be no more that an outline in single word points, allowing the Donald to rant freely to a live audience, regardless of how small. He needs the audience response.

He should make his acceptance speech a QAnon booster, imply that he is Q, and claim the atheist Dems are crucifying him on a Cross of Gold. That would dominate the media and electrify his base. It would activate QAnon, possibly creating distractions well into November.

The problem with Trump claiming that he is Q would be that - as I understand - Q is actually a handle that anyone on 4chan can claim to use or be. So there are probably multiple hoaxsters, schmucksters, trolls who are all claiming to be “Q” and just using that name to keep the joke going as long as possible.

Therefore, if Trump claims to be Q, you’ll suddenly see an immense number of nonsensical posts under the Q name. Trolls would find it irresistible to pass themselves off as THE Trump, saying wild and outlandish things.

That’s the point - Q is in the mind of the beholder. Trump becomes whatever they want him to be.

Maybe someone can kick him down a hill and see if yells 'AS YOU WISH" as he tumbles to the bottom.
(That’s a Dread Pirate Roberts joke if it wasn’t clear).

If anyone can claim to be Q, then can anyone start rumors that have at least as much substantiation as Pizza-gate?

No, “Q” as in the special confinement cell block in which he’ll spend what’s left of his worthless life.

Or Jean Luc.

So, Q from STTNG.

I wonder if these sorts of conversations took place in North Korea before the Kim clan took over everything?

It’s my understanding - and the 4chan/8chan style boards aren’t exactly my thing - that while anyone could post as Q, the ‘real’ Q signs his posts with a cryptographic hash, which would be impossible for anyone that doesn’t have his private key. That said, that pretty much rules out Trump as Q, since it’s unlikely Trump could figure out how to do that.

You are being accurate and logical not Trumpian.

Trump wins on batshit, nuttso, tin hat outrageous. Q is a good fit.