Would you agree to a year of blindness for half a million bucks?

The usual eccentric billionaire is bored again. He wants to see how you’ll adapt to a year of blindness, or if you’ll be able to adapt at all. Here are the rules.
[li]Before entering the program, you get 48 hours to prepare your house & life for the experiment.[/li][li]You will be provided with high-tech goggles shaped like these. The goggles’ lenses block out all light, and they’re equipped with the sort of electronics used to tracking anklets for people on house arrest. This circuitry will let its monitors know if you remove the goggles or if the lenses are broken or removed, but nothing else.[/li][li] One bathroom in your home will be retrofitted so that it turning off the light and closing the door will block out all light. This will allow you go inside, remove the goggles, and clean yourself without violating the terms, though you have to call and inform your handlers first, though.[/li][li] You are paid $10,000 a month for each month you can keep the goggles on; said fee is payable on the last day of the month. If you can make it to one year, you get a $260,000 bonus.[/li][li] Remove the goggles and you can expect a visit from your handler inside of an hour asking for an explanation. If you have a good one–“A mugger stole my goggles!” or some such–you’ll be allowed to make up the time; otherwise you’ll be kicked out of the program and forfeit your money for that month.[/li][li] Adjusting to life in darkness is your own damn problem.[/li][/ol]

Any takers? If yes, what’s your plan? If not, what’s your concern?

No and hell no

Let me see your million first.

I think I probably would.
It would be painful to not be able to watch my son grow for that year, but given that his future would be that much more secure, I would take the opportunity.

Yes, without hesitation, as long as my job is waiting for me at the end of the year.

Of course ! Sign me up.

I get paid 10.000 a month, right? For that much I can go on a sabbatical and hire help. All I need to do is relax, listen to audiobooks, get massages, exercise on a treadmill, and have an interesting experience. And I’d still have the internet. Blind people have the internet, with spoken pages and such, right?

How comfortable are the goggles? Can they be some sort of Eccentric Billionaire-produced goggles that are more comfortable than standard issue, easy to sleep in, don’t irritate the skin where they come into contact with one’s face, etc?

From your description, I take that I’m responsible for my job – like, I still have to go work, only with the goggles on?

Hell yes. I’m not especially visual; the hardest part for me would be to give up reading.

Assuming that about half of that money would go away in taxes, I’d have a quarter-million left to:
-Pay off our house;
-Do some major home repairs we’ve been putting off;
-Live off of;
-Contribute to my daughter’s college fund;
-Contribute to my retirement fund; and
-Still have a few years’ worth of salary waiting for me at the end of all that.

One note: you’re probably going to want to install some sophisticated tech in that bathroom to prevent cheating in there (e.g., flashlights, flashlights under a reflective blanket, etc.).

I’m a student, and I feel my university wouldn’t look too kindly on such an experiment. If I could somehow get around the reading/writing part of things, though (transcription software, audio books??), I would do it.

:: checks Mika’s temperature ::

Are you well? That’s uncharacteristically succinct. I should think you’d least want to see if you could take a month’s leave from work and earn a quick $10K.

The usual blather about contracts and lawyers and escrow funds and so forth.

Take it as a given that they’re quite comfortable. But the reason you have the retrofitted room in your house is that I don’t believe it’s possible to make them un-noticeable. There’s no time limit on how long you can stay in the bathroom; you just can’t leave the bathroom sans goggles without violating the terms.

Yep. Or you could quit; since you’ll have $10K a month coming in, that shouldn’t be a problem for most people. I’m sure the billionaire will provide you with evidence of employment for your time in the program.

I’m sure the people retrofitting the bathroom will handle that. There’s must be some way for them to know when you leave, after all. And I’d also expect random inspections.

I would. When I was 7, the eyedoctors told me that my eyes would never get better but always get worse, so I assumed I’d be blind by 20. So I spent the next several years walking to school with my eyes closed, letting my brothers tell me when I was going to run into something.

10 grand a month would be enough for my sweetie to stay home with me, so I wouldn’t be the only one responsible for seeing how much trouble the cats and puppy were REALLY causing.

I would sorely miss the internet in it’s full usage, and I really hate audio books so that would be something to get used to. But yeah. It’d be a neat experiment for me, and profitable, so hell yeah.

Also, I’d be blogging that shit. If I can make it interesting enough, I might try for a book deal.

Blind people get to go to college.

I am certain the billionaire wouldn’t care. In fact, since he’ll obviously want to know how you’re handling the situation, you’d be expected to keep records anyway.

You couldn’t take a year off? For a million bucks?

I agree with Anaamika. It’s not nearly enough money. Triple it and then maybe we’ll talk.


Well, it’s good money, but I certainly wouldn’t be set for life, so I’d like to have a job to go back to. Once upon a time, when they grew on trees, it wouldn’t be such a big deal to find another, but I quite like this one.

I’ve had glasses since I was ten years old and poor vision as far back as I can remember. I am so grateful that there are glasses and contacts and vision correction for people like me. I just wouldn’t, couldn’t go without my eyes. I don’t know that it’s worth any amount of money. The world is a beautiful place. I don’t want to miss it.

A million dollars doesn’t go as far as it used to. I would out live that money (hopefully) quickly so I would need to be 100% guaranteed that my job would be there for me after the year and I would get no reprecussions.

In my profession losing your job basically means you can never get another one in the field. No billionaires recommendation will help.

Yeah,like Dionysus worshippers are eligible. Dolphin-loving bastards.

No way. Risk of death or serious injury would be too great for half a million. Make it silly money and I might think about it.