Would you be offended if a friend called "authorities" on you for illogical beliefs?

‘Who knows’ is the operative phrase in this sentence, from the other thread, as posters conjectured was he this, was he that?

You know who knows? A professional in such things. Yes, it can be hard to distinguish Charlie Sheen from other actual mental illnesses. But a Dr could do it, I’m pretty sure.

I think you should care about your friend enough to get him to a professional. If the Dr says, “Nothing but religious zealotry, take him home!”, you’ll know. But trying to diagnose what could be a very serious, yet often simply treated, mental illness, as a lay person, is very foolish indeed.

You think Charlie is sane then?:wink:

I have nothing against his friend convincing him to seek treatment, going with him, offering to pay for it, etc.

The true nature of whatever ails Charlie Sheen will always be obscured by the powerful veils of fame and wealth. Y’know, until he fires his publicist, (and whatever that guy was being paid, he was more than earning it, in my book!), and let’s it all hang out again!

Here you go.

Die, Sanguinistas!


If it was only illogical beliefs then I might be angry. Thats not what the linked thread was discussing.

“I can’t say I’m entirely unafraid that he will prove what he says to me by “helping” me experience reincarnation for myself.”

You seem to have missed that there was at least a fear of violent behaviour being on the cards. Now that could simply be that the OP doesnt know much about mental health, but I would feel zero guilt or anger about ringing the ‘authorities’ in that situation and asking whether there is a risk occurring or not if there is even a question of that being in the picture. I dont have to wait until I see a machete waving around.


Many years ago – back in the modem age – I was on a discussion board much like this one – but was using my real name.

I wrote something about “obstruction of traffic.”

A member of the group, who was a retired California Highway Patrol officer, said, “There is no such thing as ‘Obstruction of Traffic.’” And he reported me to the Department of Motor Vehicles for it!

Now, naturally, nothing ever happened from this… But… Yes, I was quite offended that this bozo reported me to the “authorities” for using a colloquial term that wasn’t actually in the California motor vehicle code.

Good lord.

Just try to get someone committed for spouting off crazy stuff. Seriously, try it. It’s impossible. It’s incredibly, incredibly difficult to have anything done when someone is actually a danger to themselves or others. It’s flat out impossible to have anything done for someone who just says nutty things.

Or these guys.

From the other side, say my SO suddenly started declaring that he was the decendant of aliens, and that his parents had contacted him and were coming to take him home, and I believed that he believed what he was saying.

I wouldn’t care if he got mad at me, I would work to make sure that he went in for evaluation and to talk to mental health professionals, because that would be a huge change for him, and a pretty good sign that there is some kind of issue. I would be willing to make him mad, to see that he got treated.

I believe my SO would do the same for me.