Would you be willing to verify that you are who you say you are?

Poll to follow. Assume you could verify without exposing your identity to the whole board, and leave aside logistics, and questions of when this might be requested and when it would not be needed.

I would. It seems to me if I want to use some aspect of my life ( such as profession or some life experience) as a basis for adding weight to my answer, I should be willing to support that.

Also, if. I am asking for sympathy or help, and am asked to verify the circumstance, I would be willing to do that.

I can imagine practical problems, though, as well as objections on principle.

This wouldn’t happen to be related to a certain recent controversy around here would it?..

Of course that is what made me think of this question. Does that make a difference?

Nope. I like these boards, but I can live without them. They’re definitely not worth giving up my anonymity.

Got Linky? So we all know what it’s about?

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking or how anyone can confirm their identity? Witnesses? ID card? Photo? Any chance you can give us an example of what you mean?

I’ve admitted to some fairly odious past behavior hereabouts because of the nominal anonymity. So even though I can think of several ways my identity could be discerned by someone determined enough, no.

That said, I thought I might have to when I returned from my recent self-banning.

A troll joined the board and falsely claimed that umkay, herself a fairly new poster, had died. The link is to the pitting.

As in the OP, assume this could be done without giving up anonymity. Like a picture of you, face obscured, with Mick Jagger, assuming you claimed to be his BFF. Just imagine some hypothetical way. Oh, here’s another. I claim to be a psychologist. I am, but you don’t know, do you? I could email a mod a copy of my license, with my name obscured.

If you use a copy of your license with your name obscured, it could be anyone’s license. Same for pictures with your face obscured.

Even if I were to email a mod with a link to my RN license status, which would include my name, it still wouldn’t prove that it belonged to me, I could have just picked a name off the list.

Really, in a age of Photoshop a copy of a photo or license would work how, exactly?

I could make a photo of me with Mick, (who is my BFF!), or my (non existent) Nursing degree.

I’m just not seeing how, what you are proposing is even possible.

Need better examples! Try again, please.

Why? All one has to do is plug your email address into Facebook, find your name and then Google you – no need to see your license.

I think 99% of people online might tend to embellish the truth from time to time, but rarely make up a completely new persona and stick with it. We’re all arrogant enough to think our actual selves are more interesting than anything we could make up.

I voted no. I go overboard when it comes to privacy, and while I won’t criticize those who volunteer information about themselves, I don’t count myself as being in that camp.

If I were asking for sympathy or help, and people didn’t believe me, that’s their problem. However, I long ago learned the hard way not to seek sympathy on messageboards anyway. Laughs, ways to kill time, mild non-life-changing advice (I asked what to do about my neighbors mowing part of my lawn once–it’s not worth updating that thread, but one neighbor did a shitty job of it, so I politely asked him to stop, and he did), that sort of thing is what messageboards are good for, in my opinion.

If my identity were ever called into question, I would have no problem contacting a mod to provide proof. I’m not comfortable with the entire board knowing personal details about me.

I don’t really consider this place to be anonymous, at least not for me. I’ve posted enough details about myself over the years that if anyone really took the effort they could probably figure out exactly who I am and where I live.

I don’t post anything here that I wouldn’t say to someone’s face in real life, so the anonymity issue isn’t really an issue for me. I wouldn’t have a problem identifying myself to the entire board, let alone just to a mod. Heck I’ve already identified myself to several dopers and one mod just from attending dopefests.

I voted no, just on general principle. I don’t give any information away if I can avoid it. If the SDMB says, “Prove up or away with ye,” I think I could find something else to waste my internet time on.

I would only because my identity is already very public (all you need to do is follow the link in my profile and you get to my personal photography website, which will then tell you a fair bit about me.) If my real identity weren’t a major portion of my online life, though, the answer would be different, and I would certainly not provide any additional details above and beyond what I’ve put on my personal/professional websites.

I said no because I don’t like the idea in principle. But actually I wouldn’t care, I don’t claim to be all that much, and what I do claim is easily provable. If I were going to make up an identity, it would be a much better one than this.

To the unconvinced-and-unconvincable, it would be equally as unconvincing as Obama’s birth certificate.

[sub]Or even as unconvincing as all of Obama’s many birth certificates combined![/sub] :dubious:

As a general matter, yes. Right now, no, for reasons that a somewhat personal.

I am me, if anyone tried to figure out who I was based on my posts here it would be easy. Plus how could SKALD send me any prizes if he did’t have my teleporter address?