Would you compete on MXC, or a show like it?

I’m referring to the Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, a dubbed import from Japan that Spike TV likes to show.

I have to confess, I really enjoy this show. The commentary is witty in a stupid sort of way, and these people really do take a lot of punishment out there.

If a show like this were somehow allowed to be produced over here, would you compete? I think I would. Looks like fun.

Aaaand… this was supposed to be in Cafe Society.

Well, I have seen 'Murricans on that show, although they are de-emphasized.

It seems like a two-part question, though. The first part is the physical show itself. Would you run across a muddy pond trying to avoid the “floater” rocks, only to collapse your ribcage when you miss one? Obviously the Japanese answer is Yes!

The second part (the one that the original players did not have to answer) is: Would you allow yourself to be dubbed into saying suggestive sexual remarks while you performed the aforementioned physical acts?

Considering that we have countless people vying for a spot on Survivor or The Real World just so they can get naked, I think that MXC USA would do just fine.

Oh, wait…<Looks around>…this isn’t GQ.

You wanted answers from Dopers…

For me…no. I think it would be fun, but there’s always the possibility that someone would recognize me while I was doing my real job.

“Hey, aren’t you the guy who face-planted on those rolling logs last week?”

“Yes, but my face is fine. Tonight I’ll be flying you to New York. Sit back and enjoy the flight.”

<Sound of people fleeing>

I dunno. Some of those games look painful. I mean Real Pain, not TV pain. That said, though, I’m trying to figure out how to adapt some of the games for use with the youth group I work with. it’s always funnier when somebody else is doing the hurtin’.

I wouldn’t do it, but I love watching it. And the commentary is hysterical.