Would you eat another guy’s mustache?

“Would you eat a mouthful of someone else’s facial hair?”
“Would you encourage propagation of manufactured outrage on internet message boards?”

Thank you Ulfreida for bringing awareness to all the guys on this thread.

They mixed it with whipped cream. I was eating breakfast and watching Sports Center when that came on. The rest of my breakfast ended up in the garbage can.

OK. It is a gender-specific thread.

So what?

Seriously? How many threads have we had about periods, bras, menopause, childbirth, etc?

Call me crazy, but I’m guessing the default audience there aren’t men. :dubious:

If the bet has no limitations on how you eat it, I’d have no issue if it was packed into a series of gelatin capsules, swollowed with a drink like a normal medicine capsule. (Sort of the Puke Host method.)

Would you eat someone else’s moustache?

Would you French kiss someone who’s not your SO? (<— if the “eating” didn’t happen to be literal, as it was in this case; this one also works when the someone is female and has no visible 'stache).



All threads should be old white male-centric all the time as that is the only opinion that matters to old white males.


In “germy” form like the beard chew toy from Portlandia. Otherwise the experience isn’t authentic.


I have nothing to say regarding any chauvinistic undertones but just reading the title makes me giggle.

Then this made me make a snorting sound that I tried to cover up by pretending to blow my nose:


What a weird and hilarious stunt. It reminds me of the far more disgusting bit they do on the local radio station where one of the hosts makes “feetuccine” by using one of those foot egg things to scrape the dead skin of his feet and sprinkling it over pasta (then challenges a listener to eat it :eek: )