Would you fire a gun while stoned?

I’d never go to the range while stoned (on pot), but I think that’s mostly because it wouldn’t be acceptable to the other shooters. I can’t think of any practical reason not to, honestly. I wouldn’t shoot while while under the influence of alchohol, either, But booze seems to be much more of an impairment to me than THC.
I haven’t been anywhere near pot (or alchohol) for many years, but I don’t remember anything that actually would have made it dangerous to shoot at a target. I used to get stoned a lot. And I will again as soon as I retire.
I am not advocating such a thing. I’m just curious.
What do you think?

I would not, although I have in the past.

Impaired judgement is impaired judgement, and the risk is certainly not worth the reward, if any.

Sorry dude, what was the question again?

Nope. I would not. Not that I’ve used a firearm in over a decade, but when I did we were very strict on safety, and pot would be a no-no.

In the stupidity of my late teens-early twenties we did it often. I still shoot but don’t get high anymore.

Quick war story. My fire team was at an undisclosed location and things were pretty calm so we lit up. About midway through the community spliff, we start drawing hostile fire. Of course, not we’re returning fire like crazy. At this point my M-60 gunner yells out “Let’s just keep them pinned down until the buzz wears off!”

I have tried to live my life by these words of profundity ever since.

I guess it’s possible that I might fire a gun in self-defense when stoned. I’d hope to God that my judgment of the threat was accurate. A college friend of mine once shot his own dog while under the influence of alcohol. Firearms and altered states don’t mix well.

Hunter S. Thompson combined guns and drugs for decades and seemed to be okay.

Not alchohol, please. A very different animal, as they say. A’s & O’s.

Drugs and shooting don’t mix, obviously.

But here’s what’s interesting: even though you should never drink alcohol before (or during) shooting, I believe being slightly inebriated will actually decrease your group size when shooting a rifle. This is because you would be more relaxed, and flinching and bucking would less than if you were sober. Not that I advocate trying this, of course. :wink:

Yeah, uh, but, he shot himself.

Unless it’s a self defence situation, it’s best not to handle firearms while impaired. I believe that there are laws making marijuana use / posession while also posessing firearms a serious cime even for personal use of amounts of marijuana. I do know that “illegal use of marijuana” is part of a disqualifying question on the Form 4473 that you feel out when purchasing a firearm from a dealer.

So his aim was still okay.

Range? If I get the urge I go outside and shoot.

Seriously, though, to address the OP, once in my misspent youth I had a Mini 14 like the A-Team used and I woke up really hung-over one morning with .223 casings everywhere including the front seat of the truck. I’m not sure what I had done but I don’t think any of it caused real harm. I threw the gun in a river that I will not name. That was over 20 years ago when I was still foolish. I learned to not say what I would not do while drinking, that was something that always made me a liar. Eventually I quit consuming all intoxicants for recreational purposes.

After reading these replies, and giving it some thought, I think my actual question is whether or not being under the influence of marijuana (and nothing else) increases the danger inherent in firing a gun . In your opinion, if you’ve ever been stoned.
I go to a range because I crave the communal testosterone rush. :wink:

No. Stinking. Way.

I’ve popped off rounds after smoking a fatty. It didn’t seem to affect my aim any. I wouldn’t try it drunk.

I don’t think I’ve ever fired a gun while under the influence of only pot. It;s always been pot & alcohol together. The grouping comment, above, is dead on, BTW. The last time was many years ago, and my target was a washing machine. Our host then tried a bathtub, which was standing on its end, concave side towards us. This, it turns out, was a very bad idea indeed. No injuries, but I’m sure I smelled something.

I’d probably have done that cold sober.
I have been boinked in the forehead by a bb fired from a Daisy pump. Just like in that wonderful movie. And just as Mom warned. :stuck_out_tongue: