Would you give a delivery service a key?

I was considering joining a CSA or farm co-op or other type of weekly organic food delivery service. But we live in a secure building with no management on duty, so it’s hard to have something delivered if we aren’t at home.

A number of the places I was considering will accept a key and then deliver inside the building. One of them specifically mentioned they would deliver inside the apartment or house if you wanted that and gave them that key as well.

Have you heard of this? Done it? Would you be comfortable giving a key to a delivery service?

I think I would be fine with the building key, but I wouldn’t be fine with the apartment key. The thought of someone letting the cats free is scary.

Nyeh, my maids have keys. And so does the lawn guy.

It’s a matter of developing trust. Some random delivery service I’d be much more wary of rather than a service where it’s the same people each week.

I definitely wouldn’t give out my apartment key. You never know what they might do with it. If your building is decent then I’d just let them put it in front of the door, and it wouldn’t be the end of the world if some jerk did steal it once. Hopefully it would be packed in a way that people could tell what it was, since people would be less likely to steal a box of produce than a mystery box that might be filled with iPads or something.

Only person that doesn’t life there and has a key is the cat sitter. Of course, she’s only there when we’re out of town.

I would, as long as the co-op has a track record as being reliable and trustworthy.
Or you could put a cooler by your apartment door, perhaps?

I’ve done it with a delivery service in the past and I probably would again if necessary but currently no one else has keys except residents, kids and parents. The companies were bonded and I never had any issues at all. In fact when they delivered packages I often found my mail neatly stacked on the table near the door as well.

Do you have pets? My only real concern would be someone opening the door with less care than you usually do and an animal running free but I have a dog who believes that all open doors are for running out of :slight_smile:

To the storage shed behind my house?
To my house or the garage (it’s detached)?

Not much the shed to steal other than straw for the kennels.
All kinds of goodies in my house.
Even with insurance I don’t need the headaches.