Would you have let your kid vist the Neverland Ranch?

Lessee…a 45-year old, alien-looking, oddity of a man who confesses to enjoying having children share his bed, asks if my son could sleep over there…


I’d just snarl, lean toward him, and say, “Run,” through clenched teeth.

Since a lot of these kids are sick and under priviledged, I’m guessing he swoops in, woos them with money for treatment, lots of attention that these people aren’t used to, and probably puts on a good face.

And they’re so overwhelmed that they don’t say no. Or else they’re rabid fans for whom Jackson can do no wrong.

Perhaps this could be a new disciplining tool for parents of teenagers. “Clean your room or I’m sending you to Neverland!”

I really wish Jacko would take his gazillion dollars and simply disappear. There must be some island or small nation he can buy and move to?

I don’t think I can stand 12 months of the Mikey trial on morning TV.

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nope, not for (reported to be) 15 million dollars.

Suing Michael Jackson for harassing your child is an easy way of getting LOTS of money and I think this is just another case of that. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

If he had molested that kid the other year do you think the kids parents would have settled? Surely they would have taken the case all the way, that way they would probably get more money and some sort of justice. I would say no-one would use their children like this to get money but the case of the man who injected his child with AIDS for insurance reasons springs to mind…

From what I’ve seen children really like Michael’s company, children who are being molested try and avoid the molestor, no? I think this whole case stinks, just like the last one. I will be happy to retract this should he be found guilty but I am sure that will not be the case. He is strange but that doesn’t make him a criminal. Personally I wouldn’t trade my life for his for any amount of money, I can’t imagine how the guy’s childhood must have been and I totally understand that he’d rather spend his time with children rather then grownups, just look at what adults have done to him over the years.

Mind you, I don’t have any children of my own and even if I did I probably wouldn’t want Michael to hang around with them without me being there. There are some things you just don’t risk.

My kid? At Neverland? That’s a negative.

And parents who let their kids go there aren’t stupid, they’re just evil.

Speaking from personal experience… my mother walked in and saw my father molesting me (There is no reason for a man to be dry humping his 11 year old daughter on the floor of the living room at 1:00am) and did nothing. That’s some overwhelming evidence she chose to ignore! I tried to avoid him sure … but when your mother leaves you alone with him what are you going to do? It was also carefully explained to me how I would be discredited as a lying spoiled child by my father’s lawyer if I ever took it to court. Kids don’t have a lot of power in the world and adults abuse it all the time.

So here you have some family whose lawyer has assured them that Jackson will beat the system and never do jail time and the best way to punish him is to sue and hope he settles and so they do. I’m sure the Jackson camp was also putting some pressure on them to not bring charges. That’s my take on what may have happened.

No feckin’ way.

So basically I haven’t seen one response her where anyone thinks it would have been a prudent idea to allow this to happen. Basically everyone in the free world has an idea that this is probably a risk so therefore, is it safe to assume that the PARENTS willfully endangered their own child for the sake of a few bucks?

I’m no attorney, and I no sometimes logic does not apply when it comes to the letter of the law but it just seems that a parent shjoudl be held responsible for protecting the best interests of their children. I mean if we are held responsible for putting their seatbelts on in the case of an accident, then the same basic principal seems to apply here.

There is a reasonable assumption that there is a risk that any prudent person would guard their child against. DUH!

"Suing Michael Jackson for harassing your child is an easy way of getting LOTS of money. "

Not this time around.

This time around it appears that it went on for like a year before they did something.

Makes you wonder if some terrible parents (and terrible human beings) are trying to hit the jackpot.

Absolutely not.

It’s sad that you even have to ask that question.

The guy might be harmless but I would never take the chance…and I cannot imagine a parent who would take that chance.

There is no way I would let Michael Jackson around my children.
I remember how he carried Emmanuel Lewis around and thought he was a sick person then. NOpe no way. If he asked if my children could stay over he would be swallowing his teeth, that is if his nose didn’t fall off.

I really think the parents should be punished. They let their little boy go there they let Michael buy them an apartment, in my opinion they traded their little boy for personal gain. In essence they sold him or pimped him out to Michael Jackson. They should serve the rest of their lives in jail.

If you want horror try to imagine the conception!

That’s not the issue here though. Guilty or not, I wouldn’t dream of letting my son spend unsupervised time at his ranch. The man is, at best, deeply troubled.

The parents should be charged and sterilized.

Never in a million years would i let my children go there and I surely wouldn’t let them stay overnight with him.

I wouldn’t let that man go any where near any children of mine. Whether the allegations are true or not, it’s just not worth the risk.

I think the OP is rhetorical at best. I really don’t think any of the parents on this board would seriously consider letting their kids hang out at Neverland. But obviously (as in tanookie’s scary real life example), there are parents out there who care very little for their child’s well being. They are seen as little more than a stepping stone to getting what they want, or they are seen as something that has gotten in the way and should be ignored or heavily punished just for existing. I doubt that there’s a message board around that is frequented by people like that.

And no, I wouldn’t let my kid go unless he was 18 and had mutant superpowers.