Would you have let your kid vist the Neverland Ranch?

With Jacko in the news yet again in the midst of child molestation accusations I have to wonder about the parents of the kids who let their kids hang out with him. I mean it isn’t like this is a shocking revelation that this could POSSIBLY be a PEDOLPHILE [aghast!!]

It’s been alleged for what…15 or 20 years now? And the whole weird thing of him living on a ranch with children and amusement rides in the first place…the guy is just weird. (yes, yes, that in strixtly my opinion, I know he still has fans)

Anyway, I have to wonder what makes parents decide to let their prepubescent children go and spend the night and take baths witht his guy. What is it that makes them say “Oh yeah. that is perfectly normal.” Other than the fact that the guy has millions of $. If Uncle Milty down on the corner asked to take a bath with their 13 year old I am thinking they’d want to ride him out of town on a rail. So here it is folks…would you do it? If someone (Michael Jackson or another multi-multi-millionaire) who was a suspected pedophile showed and interest in your child, would you take that chance and allow your child to spend time with this person for the opportunity to have a rich benefactor? Would the money be worth it to you?

No amount of money is worth that risk.

Well that is what I thought but apparently people kept doing it…What am I missing?

You’re missing the fact that some people value money over everything else. Even their children’s safety.

These people are called f**king idiots.

I think it is the ‘it won’t happen to my child’ syndrome. Or maybe the parents are star struck and naive?


I don’t have any problems in allowing my children to visit privately with Jackson. I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with a grown man taking a bath or sleeping with a 12 year old child.

Just kidding!

what, are you insane? My (serious) answer would be “Hell No”

Right like the kid before this one who accused him but then settled out of court? I’ll bet they got a barrel of money…sick, sick, sick.

At least as perplexing and horrifying to me are the women that had children with him…and then left them in his care!! How heavily narcotized do you have to be to leave your own child? Let alone, in the care of a man who cannot possibly be a good father?? What amount of money is worth that?

Genetically speaking, I don’t understand how those kids are his. No matter what he looks like now, his genes are black, and his kids should look like mixed-race kids. But they look pretty white to me. Weeeeird.

Of course, I don’t think anybody who has posted in this thread has actually met the man (nor have I). I’m sure he doesn’t go accosting families on the streets, hand down his pants and drooling from the mouth, asking “can your little boy come to play?” He was at one time the world’s biggest pop star – he has to have a pretty high degree of personal charisma. I’m sure some people were suckered in by his most-likely very charming personality, and got the idea in their heads that “Oh, the stories must be false, obviously the press just doesn’t understand his youthful outlook and his true platonic love for children.” I highly doubt any parents consciously decided, “hmmmm, I think letting a sicko twiddle my son’s bits is OK as long as I get to hang out with rich folk!”

If pedophiles would just walk around with t-shirts that said “I fondle children!” and acted recognizably like sickos, life would be a lot easier.

Not until he was over 18 and thus unattractive to Jacky-boy. :smiley:

Some mag that I had (Probably US Weekly or In Touch) stated that the little boy had “roots” on his hair. Meaning that his hair is dyed blonde.

People are strange.

Actually, I think Michael Jackson might as well be walking around with a t-shirt. I mean , he’s a grown man who has preferred spending time with children for as long as I can remember and who apparently invites children to sleep over for no reason. How many more indications do you need? * Even if he were never accused of molesting anyone I wouldn’t send my son to sleep over. If my husband’s best friend from high school invited my son to sleep over for no legiimate reason *, I would think it was bizarre and wouldn’t allow it. No reason to feel safer because the man is rich and famous, and certainly no reason to feel safer if the man is as clearly strange as Michael Jackson is

  • I am excluding some situations- for example, the man’s son and my son are friends and his son is the reason for the invitation, or where a parent asks a friend to babysit overnight because the parents have a wedding or something

I read that he has 24 hour supervision after that thing in '93. But still, I don’t think so.

No, no, and hell no. He’s given me the creeps for years. I almost feel sorry for him…but not quite. If he can’t figure out that having a general love for children is great, but how weird it is to have kids stay over in your own bed and whatnot, then he’s got serious mental problems.

I wouldn’t, especially as the only times in my life I have ever heard of Neverland Ranch have been in connection with allegations of pedophilia. I mean, it’s not like there are ads on TV like there are for Disneyworld, right? How do kids even find out about it? “Hey mommy, I want to go to Neverland Ranch!”

No. And I think the parents who let their children stay overnight should also be arrested for child endangerment. Seriously. Unless you can prove you lived in a cave for the last decade, you better have a good reason to let your kids spend the night there unsupervised.

My parents wouldn’t let me stay overnight with friends unless they knew the parents, let alone with some rather odd celebrity they knew nothing about.

That said, I am not all that convinced this is not a scam to get money out of Jacko that went awry and their attorney’s bluff was called. We’ll see…files will be opened in 45 days.


He set off my creepout monitor ages ago. Always go with my gut I say.

And the tabloids say he wants to have more children. Thats just not an image I need to contemplate.

NO, NO, NO, A Thousand Times NO!

If he wants to pay out that kind of money for his jollies that’s his business. I wouldn’t touch his money and he’d never get within a thousand miles of touching mine.

No wonder he’s called “WACKO JACKO.”

Not even if MJ offered me 100 million dollars.

Not even if were holding a gun to his head.

Not even if we were the last three people on Earth and he had all the food.

I would not allow MJ within 100 feet of my son unless his bodyguards killed me.