Would you let a complete stranger borrow your toenail clippers?

Why or why not?

No. I prefer to share my toe nail gunk with my husband only.

Now why would a stranger be asking to use my toenail clippers?

Excuse me.

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

This is something I never thought of, I guess, but the idea of it after reading this thread title just turned my stomach, so I am pretty sure the answer is No.


No. If a stranger were asking to borrow my toenail clippers, I’d assume s/he was some sort of fetishist. It’s not like I carry my toenail clippers around with me anyway.

Does my brother coming home from track wearing the wrong jockstrap count? :eek:

the wrong initials, the wrong brand

No, because blood contact is a slight possibility (and therefore possible transmission of blood-borne pathogens), not to mention that sharing under-toe smegma is just yicky.


They’re TOENAILS, people. I’ve done much worse with people I’ve recently met :wink:

If the total stranger was desperate enough, I’d give him/her the clippers and decline their return. Nail clippers are cheap enough.

Maybe I am missing something, but is there a fear of bacteria on the clippers after use or what?

I mean, do you want new clippers after someone else had their hair cut by your barber?

They are clipping nails, righ? Not popping zits. What is the big deal?
(I reallly must be missing the “ick” factor here…)

You might be less inclined to share after reading about Santa Clara County CA’s spate of infection from pedicures.

OK…that is kind of gross.

Had no idea.

I guess I found the “ick” factor after all.

They’re hardly an intimate item, they don’t get dirty exactly or can’t be washed, and they’re merely an implement. It’s like letting someone use your cutlery, or share a cup. I can’t exactly comprehend everyone’s qualms abut this.

Throwing up into your mouth seems a little extreme dear. Unless you have some ungodly phobia of stranger’s evil toes tainting their precious saintly clippers.

I wouldn’t share a cup or cutlery with another person either, unless the situation was particularly dire. Nor would I share a comb or hairbrush with anyone else.

Because if he or she had a blood-borne disease, such as Hepatitis or HIV, I would be risking exposure.

No, I wouldn’t share my clippers. I wipe them off with alcohol, like I do my tweezers, so I could donate them to a stranger, but I wouldn’t want them back.
Why not? Universal precautions, and Microbiology class too fresh in my mind.

No, I wouldn’t share my clippers. The person I loaned them too my go and hijack an airplane with them, which would lead back to a whole can of worms for me.

No, I definitely wouldn’t share my toenail clippers with a stranger. Who knows where their toes have been?!

If I did share them, I would just let them keep them.

Yes I have and would. I don’t understand the aversion here either. If you are that grossed out, just put a little dishwashing liquid on them and wash them afterwards. I assume you eat a restaurants with reused cutlery. I never even thought about this being a gross-out activity before.

For the record, I like to chew on my toenails after I cut them. The big ones make great toothpicks. I never have chewed on anyone else’s though. I can see that being a little gross.

Thus, Shagnasty.

Well, okay—if they were run through an autoclave or an industrial-strength dishwasher between uses (following a preliminary cleaning), I’d share them. I had assumed we were talking about sharing the ones on a keychain, for example.