Would you let a Doper stay at your house?

There’s maybe 10-20 I’d let stay here. But I don’t think I know enough of you well enough. Even after 16 years haha

It depends upon who, but sure! That guy a few years back who wanted to know how to get rid of a body, no. Definitely not.

Anyone except FairyChatMom.

Not after that little incident that we all know about.

This, exactly. I’ve met a couple of Dopers IRL, and played an online D&D game with a few more, all of whom would be welcome. There are a few dozen more whom I’d consider to be cool and friendly enough to host if they needed a place to stay.

Absolutely. On that note, does anyone want to visit Alaska?

I prefer to meet people before inviting them to stay.

Now having met several Dopers in Vegas, I’ve since had three of them cross the pond and stay with me. :cool:

Oh, for crying out loud, just get over it!!! It didn’t take that much water to put out the fire, and, be honest, it made cleaning up the blood that much simpler. Anyway, don’t I get points for not stealing any towels???


:cool::smiley: I always bring and share what I have. “Stoner culture” and all.

For us the determining factor would be having it be a defined time period.

We’ve done some exhausting kayak meetup type excursions where a participant we didn’t know prior to the meetup was welcome to spend the night before heading home, refreshed, the next day.

On the other hand, a friend allowed a stranger-ish couple to stay “a day or two” while their situation was being worked out and it dragged on and became an uncomfortable, quasi-squatter deal.

Some of them, but not all of them.

I’ll be right over!

Ditto to these.

Yes definitely, to a 99er.
Possibly, to others.

To Mods…How may I serve you, Masters?! :D;) :stuck_out_tongue:

Way too many buzz words that I don’t know in this post. If this means someone I’ve ONLY ever “talked to” online… absolutely not. Even if I became friends with someone from online… in person… would still need a long track record before just opening up my doors to them.

If I’m correct and “Doper” is someone into drugs and not a nickname for something else… absolutely not. SIL opened her home to nephew after he got out of rehab… why he didn’t go home is another story. She warned there would be NO second chances. She counted out his meds and those of anybody else in the house. When she found pills missing from HIDDEN prescriptions… she sent him packing back home. She NEVER stopped caring about him, just wasn’t going to have a user in her house!

I would definitely consider it, yes. I have opened my home to someone I just met and who needed a place to crash for the night.

In this context, “Doper” is a member of the Straight Dope Message Board community. In other words, someone you’ve interacted with here and consider to be a friend. Of course, by your join date, you haven’t been here nearly long enough to know how wonderful and lovable we all are. :smiley:

Same for me. As a couple of old retired geezers, we have a routine that we’re very comfortable with, and after a few days of visitors (including relatives) we get cranky and want them GONE!!!

Sure. I take hitchhikers home.

Just like most of the replies, yeah no problem for a regular, long-time poster who I’ve come to know and like.

What if that’s not where they wanted to go?


Yeah, I have hosted strangers off another message board I used to frequent in the past, (and stayed at houses of people from same, as well as one Doper). I still have a Couchsurfing account.

The problem is that this place is a madhouse, so I doubt most Dopers would want to stay here, unless the alternative was literally the street or something.


I wouldn’t want my grammar criticized. She is a sensitive old lady.