Would you let a Doper stay at your house?

Need answer fast…
OK, no, I don’t. I’m not looking for a place to stay, so feel free to answer honestly. Really. I’m good. :smiley:

But my question is: Would you let someone you only know from this board, but never met IRL, spend the night at your house? Let’s assume said Doper is on vacation or passing thru your area, and not hiding out from the authorities or anything like that. Also let’s assume that you feel as if you like this person as opposed to someone whose user name makes you cringe whenever you see it.

As for me, I have. In fact, some years back, I hired a Doper to stay in our house a few days and watch the critters while we went… somewhere. I don’t recall the details since it was some time ago.

There have been others who I’d have gladly hosted, but my husband doesn’t feel comfortable having strangers as houseguests. Maybe I’m more trusting than he is. I don’t think any of you would murder me in my sleep or steal our good silver. :smiley:

How about you?

Probably, yes: if they’re on the “nice” list. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, if it’s someone I feel friendly and comfortable with on the Dope. Others, not so much (I’d love to name names, but I won’t).

If I had known them online for a couple of years and had a good feeling about them, yes.

If it were someone I knew fairly well and liked, sure. Twice, long ago, I had friends I met on a usenet group stay with me when they were in town, and once slept over at a similar friend’s in the UK when I was there. I stayed with her a couple of other times after that, but we were acquainted in person by then.

This. I have done it for members of another board I frequent. advrider.com

Sure. I’m a Warm Showers and Couch Surfing host, so why not be an SDMB host?

Yes, probably.

Say someone like a Mumper, no problem! Now some of the crowd that usually hangs out in GD or the Pit -------------- not so much so. :wink: But in the interest of full disclosure; we’re pretty private people and there are not all that many relatives we would have over our house. We live how we want and that style isn’t something everyone cares for. In other words, neat-freaks we ain’t.

Unless it was something that tripped seventeen alarm bells, sure. Fifteen or sixteen alarms…well, that’s kind of touch and go there. I’ve hosted crazier people than I’ve seen here.

With a GPS bracelet and a locked fridge…yeah, no problemo.

I would, but my wife wouldn’t. She doesn’t like any guests.

Depends. Would I let someone like iiiAndyiii stay over? Sure, I can’t imagine a nicer, friendlier person. Now would I let someone like kayaker stay over? Good god no. That’s a shady character right there. :mad: He’d just wait for me to fall asleep and then go raid my weed jar, I’m sure.

Depends on which doper. On the other hand, I have spent a couple of nights at the home of a doper long ago.

Probably. I can’t think of any Dopers that I’d turn down.

I think so.

Oh gawd no, I’d never hear the end of it.

I don’t see a problem.

Unless they step on my pet cockroaches.

Nice! Are they the big flying ones? :wink:

Probably they are the very friendly ones who want to share meals with you.