Would you let the Evil Doctor save your loved one? (Kind of graphic, but not sexual)

Your SO has been stricken with a terminal disease. There is a doctor (We’ll call him Crell Moset) that can save your loved one. But the thing is, he is currently serving life in prison for performing horrific experiments on hundreds of unwilling patients in some third world country.

The Crell Moset will be using the knowledge gained from these experiments to save your loved one.

Your loved one has expressed to you they rather not let this evil bastard operate on them despite the consequences.

At the time though, your SO was in distress when they made that call. So it’s not at all clear to you if he or she was thinking rationally.

Your SO is now in a coma, and the onus of the decision to allow Crell Moset to operate on your SO is up to you. What do you do?

Fighting the hypothetical will result in immediate death.
ETA: If you choose “yes” Crell Moset will not be getting a commuted sentence or anything like that.

Yep, operate away!

SO can make her own decision and I’ll respect it.

My children, however, will have the operation.

If I’m not sure about my SO’s real wishes (unlikely) I will error on not giving Dr Mengele a chance to butcher just one more.

SO gets the procedure. She can bitch at me later.

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