Would you let your friend do this degrading, deperate deed?

Lack of sleep = a darker hypothetical than normal. I think, my judgment may be compromised by little REM.

Today’s story, which is set in 2004, is about EMMA, a dear friend of the hypothetical you. At 22 years old, Emma is as cute as a button, as hardworking as a bee. She is also doggedly honest–she won’t tell a lie to save her life–and is just as determined to be independent; she will walk miles to and from work before asking for a ride from a friend.

Emma has practically no family, or at least not much family worth talking about Her father’s a rolling stone she’s never met; her mother used her as a punching bag until Emma was about 10, when she went to live with a foster moster. (Emma refuses to discuss how that happened, as she says nobody would believe it.) The foster mother died in a car wreck when Emma was 19. But Emma does have someone she loves: DUKE, a Rottweiler so sweet and loyaleven a Rhymer couldn’t hate him. As far as Emma is concerned, Duke i her baby.

A week ago, Emma’s apartment was burgled. The robbers cleaned her out, but the real problem is that they also poisoned Duke, causing massive organ damage. In theory Duke’s injuries are treatable, but in practice the cost is far beyond her means.

Which brings us to the issue. Some time ago, Emma was approached by a man who gave her his card and told her she’d be a perfect model for his website. Cheking out the URL, she found it was porn – of a sort. Anything directly sexuall she would have rured down, as she is as chaste as a nun. But this was BDSM. No, make that just BDS. The girls on the site get whipped, and everything about the site makes it clear that they don’t enjoy it even a smidge; the fact they’re desperate and suffering is the point. Her first impulse was to toss the card, but she decided to keep it; money was already tight, and who knew what the future held?

Well, now she knows. She needs ten grand to save Duke. So she’s contacted the skeevy fellow, who says she can earn that much in ten videos if she wears a mask. five if she shows her face to the camera. , and two if she says her real name on camera. Nothing wil be done to send her to the ER of even a clinc, but she will be whipped and humiliated. She needs a friend to come with her to the shoot to witness that the agreed-ipon-upon limits were respected and to drive her home afterwards…

Emma thinks she can handle this. “He can’t whip me any harder than Mama did,” she says. "She broke my wrist once. And I’d take a broken wrist again to save Duke. He’s my only family. He’s my baby. I have to save him. So…so will you help me?

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Granted that Emma is visibly afraid while relating her story, do you agree to help her? If not, wht’ your plan?

It’s her choice. I think the best thing to do is to try to dissuade her, and, if that doesn’t work – if she insists on going through with the porn shoot – to make sure she doesn’t go alone. Make her take a trusted friend, or, better, two. With handguns…

Have them safeguard her. Make sure the shoot entails “safe words” and other protections. Make sure there are protections against STDs.

I don’t have the power and I don’t have the right to stop Emma from doing this. I might have the power to make the horrid experience as safe as it can possibly be.

The right to misplace our priorities is at the very heart and soul of liberty.

Are her priorities misplaced? I mean, I wouldn’t do that to save a dog’s life, but I woldn’t skip breakfast either. But to save my kid I’d do it (though I’d have hit up all my friends for donations or a least loans first).

I understand some non-Skald people consider their pets to be their babies. A friend of mine spent several thousand dollars on her beloved Rott’s vet bills the year before last and counted it well spent.

Poisoned dogs have a poor prognosis of survival. Not likely to live no matter how much is spent.

With that said, she probably would never forgive herself unless she tried to save the dogs life. So help her do as she wishes.

I would find some other way. I’d find something I could pay her the money to do if I couldn’t convince her there’s no chance for Duke. I’d understand exactly how she felt, but I’d find something else to do somehow before I let her do that. Hell, if they’d pay that much for pasty old geezers I’d go do it myself to get her the money. But it is inconceivable to me that there’s no alternative.

What argument do you make to Emma?

I’d do what I could to help her get the money. But if I couldn’t I’d play dirty, I’d ask her “If Duke could talk, would he want you to degrade yourself to save him?” If he wouldn’t, I’d tell her, then have Duke humanely put doen

That’s the point: I may think her priorities are wrong…and she may think mine are. Liberty means she gets to choose, not I.

What’s wrong with someone wanting to act in porn for money? It’s only degrading if you make it seem that way. More and more young people are selling their looks/bodies for money. It’s just another trade.

Puritanical nonsense. She has nothing to be ashamed of if she’s doing it of her own, free will. Wish I could get paid ten grand to strip naked and be whipped.

If she’s so concerned about the BDSM aspect, can she just model for another site? There are a lot of “classier” porn/half-porn/modeling sites out there that go with more vanilla stuff. But BDSM is pretty mainstream anyway after 50 shades.

I may argue against the Puritanical remark another time, but what the Skeevy Fellow is suggesting is not a roll in the hay. He wants to abuse and humiliate someone who specifically is not into that, paying a premium for a lack of anonymity. It seems more than likely that Emma will be traumatized by this experience to a greater degree than she is willing to admit to herself.

No. I couldn’t just stand there & watch some Douche beat the Ever-Loving-Shit out of Emma for money.
If I could, I’d find out the timing of the funds transfer, have her account frozen after that, and have the cops arrive to charge him, because this is a blood sport and there is no way its legal.

I’d have a kick-starter set up for her dog when this all hits the papers… but I’d also make sure the guy with the card’s name would be called “Dom-Boy” both in the papers and out for the rest of his life.

First, I’d make sure she understands the serious condition Duke is in, what the ramifications of any complications in the procedure are, what his realistic chances of survival are. Maybe she will insist it doesn’t matter, as long as there is any possibility that Duke will survive she will do whatever it takes to get the money. If that is the case I will point out that is not the only thing she can do to get the money. If I wasn’t able to loan it to her and the vet wouldn’t let her pay it off over time, then I’d go out begging for the money for her if she’s too proud do it herself. I’m sure I could find enough dog lovers to help her out with enough money to get her on a different track.

If she’s afraid then she’s doing this under duress, the stress from her own emotional situation. With her background undergoing this experience has the potential to be very bad for her, especially if Duke dies anyway. She’s trying to sound tough, but she knows there’s more to physical toughness to this situation. This is clearly not a well thought out decision, she’s in a very vulnerable state, and I’m going to do anything I can not to let her get hurt. I’m not going to kidnap her or anything, if there’s no way to reason with her, nothing else to do at all, if she’s going to do it anyway with someone else, I’ll make sure she’s safe. But I will go to extraordinary lengths convince her to do something else.

If she wants to do it, why not help her? She’s clearly going to be traumatized by not being able to help her dog. First, however, you might want to check out the dog’s chances to see if it’s worth spending that kind of money on a dog who is probably going to die anyway and ask about carecredit.

Kickstarter and GoFundMe aren’t options. The scenario takes place in 2004.

What happens if Emma gets arrested? Even if she doesn’t get arrested, how does this help Duke?

There are thousands of these poverty-inflicted GoFundMes, and they rarely get funded. It’s a societal failing on our part that we don’t care about poor people unless they make the news somehow and endear us.

I’m sorry, but isn’t that what the higher pay is for? A lot of people do jobs they don’t enjoy for the money, and many carry a risk of humiliation, injury, death, or worse. How is Emma’s plight different? If she doesn’t want to do it, some other woman (or, rarely, man) will. I just don’t see why “doing a job I don’t like because it’s sexual” is worse than “doing a job I don’t like because it’s boring/war-related/borderline unethical/hurts animals/highly dangerous/etc.” She’s getting paid $10k not because it’s nice, but because it isn’t. Is there some reason you distrust her own cost-benefit analysis? She’s not a kid anymore (right?) and has the right to make decisions for herself? If a man were offered $10k to suffer the same treatment, would you have a problem with it as well?

All things considered, selling your body for $10k is a lot less scurvy than many other things people do for profit. And, with the sheer amount of porn out there (even for 2004) she’s unlikely to be remembered for long anyway, so unless she’s going into public office, it would probably haunt her less than she worries about except outside her immediate circles. And anybody who would judge her for that isn’t a friend worth keeping anyway.

Why would anyone get arrested? What has been proposed is not illegal if it’s all consenting adults.

Snap the poor pooches neck while Emma wasn’t watching. Let her grieve naturally. Try and find the sick burgler that poisoned the poor dog in the first place - poison him.

Well, that escalated rather quickly.

I am not a lawyer, but consensual BDSM is not illegal, IIRC.

well if this was LA county (and possibly ca its self) the decision would be easy as the fact that serious bdsm ie anything that cuts or mulitates is illegal to film

theres many a story in the LA d/s community of people getting fined for home made stuff shown at parties and at least a few of pro dom/domes getting in trouble for video taping it (the one that made the news made a sample tape for prospective clients and the vice squad acquired one …)
But gods ive seen the type of site this describes and as someone whos been in some dark things some voluntary and some not… id rather the girl cruise the bars for the money …

I mean they would be arrested by the real live version criminal minds squad if they weren’t “paying” the girls even the normal sex ones make it look like your paid to be raped and abused

ie one would spend 20 minutes making sure the girl who supposedly needed 3 months rent gave consent after making her cry for being a stupid whore (that was the nicest thing he said to her) he then slapped her pushed her back lifted her skirt roughly fisted her while making her “admit” that she was filth for letting him do this to her … he then did a few other things that I wont say grabbed the neatly wrapped wad of bills she was getting shoved them in her and left her there crying on the floor … there was a lot of debate on the site on if it was real or fake but the web provider stepped in and shut the site down for tos violations …