Would you let yourself be exposed to the flu for $3500?

Might not be too bad if you were given the flu shot. It would suck getting the placebo.

They are offering a very nice place to stay and $3500. It does require 10 days. $350 a day for your work.

Would you do it?

I assume this might appeal to a broke Grad student. They will have nurses treating the volunteers. It should be safe.
University will pay you $3,500 to get the flu and book you a 10-day stay at 'Hotel Influenza' | Fox News

Yes, I’d give it a shot (pun intended). Any ill effects, if not getting the placebo, would be over soon enough.

These days though, I’m still not sure what they mean by “flu.” Growing up nausea and vomiting were definite characteristics, but these days it seems to be what we called a cold, with sneezing and coughing.


Sure. I’m certain that I am exposed to the flu virus all the time and it hasn’t bothered me.


Same here. Growing up the flu meant nausea and vomiting. Now the flu means body aches, a dry cough and trouble breathing.

Yep. We really need the money. That’s all it boils down to.

Sure. My main concern is not the flu, but getting 10 days off from my regular work job. I might not have enough PTO for it.

NO! I get the flu shot every year, but I’ve had two miserable flu experiences, one of which reduced me to crawling like a baby to get up the stairs.

We need a poll.

Do I have to pay to get myself to St. Louis?

I’m seriously intrigued and want to apply for this.

The $3,500 is compensation for “time and travel,” per the secondary link, so I assume your airfare eats part of it.

Does the article say when exactly this happens?

While “getting the stomach flu” is some weird way of describing a sickness that has nothing to do with the flu, I’m baffled by the posters who think that influenza is sorta like a cold.

I’ve had the flu twice, and it is clearly an illness where people can legitimately think, “If this gets much worse, I may have to go to the hospital… wait… that means that this shit could kill me!”

Colds don’t do that.

Now the odds are quite good that people will simply be thoroughly miserable and spend a week with barely the physical strength to go to the bathroom or get a sandwich from the fridge. But they would also be making an incredibly important contribution to science, that could well be responsible for saving many many millions of lives. So far be it from me to discourage anyone from stepping forward… but my price would be a lot higher.

Keep in mind that influenza is NOT a trivial illness.

The CDC estimates that US influenza-related deaths were as low as 12,000 people (during 2011-2012 flu season) to a high of 56,000 people (during 2012-2013 flu season).

And quite often it’s the people with so-called ‘strong’ immune systems that fare the worst, due to their own immune system’s over-reaction to the virus.

If I was strapped for cash, unemployed, and already in good health, yes. One of my friends did exactly that under the same circumstances. The money went towards car repair costs and back rent. He didn’t get the placebo, so it sucked some, but it all worked out. Turns out it’s a whole lot easier to put up with being sick when you’re actually getting paid good money for it and know what you’re in for.

Qadgop, would you say that a typical person with no chronic conditions would have an extremely high chance of survival from the flu virus when given immediate medical care and care throughout the illness?

For science? I’d do it for free.

I’d hate to think I’d passively obstruct research for a measly $3,500.

My first thought it sure I’ll do it that sounds like a deal but the 10 days away from work and my family and im going to need more cash probably closer 10k

Even if I were willing, I wouldn’t be accepted into the study for the same reason I wouldn’t want to do it - I have respiratory issues, and have been hospitalized due to the flu in the past.

If I had vacation days or there was a critical need I might, but $350 a day is not gonna do it.