Would you like a sexy secretary?

Job ad in our local Craigslist -

Her typos make it even funnier. :smiley:

Yeahhhh, I’d have to see a picture first.


Is the opportunity to “relive workplace sex” some kinda roleplay?

As I said to my husband, maybe she’ll give you an impossible deadline then micro-manage you. :smiley:


I’m just disappointed this isn’t an offer from the OP. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like the ad in question is now removed. Or I just don’t know how to use a computer. Maybe I need an assistant.

I’m not a full-service secretary. :smiley:

The link still works for me, but maybe that’s just my cookies talking.

She said “Relive workplace STRESS”. I think it’s fairly obvious she puts on her sexiest bustier, sits on your lap, and tells you all about the time your shipments were stuck on a boat Shanghai when they needed to be in Tallahassee TOMORROW, and other stressful workplace memories you’d forgotten.

Um - wow! Nice slip on my part. I guess we all know where my mind was…

Some spoilsport has flagged it for removal… does craigslist have an equivilant of ebay’s ask the seller? That could have had possibilities.

Is that the expression the young folks use nowadays? :slight_smile:

Yes, yes it is. And you’re my favourite Doper today for calling me a young folk. :slight_smile:

I don’t know, does he put out?

Considering the CL subject matter, I don’t think that counts.

The LAST thing I want is to “relive workplace stress.”
But, yeah, a sexy secretary would be awesome. :slight_smile:

I don’t need the distraction. I already think about sex too much during the day. Now, if my wife decided we needed a live-in au pair, that would be something else entirely.

A sexy secretary would be interesting. Actually, any secretary would be interesting. There was a very brief period at the beginning of my career when I technically had access to a secretary, but I shared her with a dozen other scientists (and, as far as sexy goes, she was twice my age), and in the end I never dictated a letter or anything. Now, with everyone attending to their own e-mail and other correspondence, secretaries are pretty much a thing of the past unless you’re a top manager.

I prefer my sexy wife.

Sexy secretaries can be distracting and dangerous to your job and marriage.

Our department had a sexy secretary for about two years. Great face, always lovely cleavage on display. (And about as smart as a brick, too) It was heaven. Not because she put out, or because there was any flirty repartie. And when you explained work to her, you had to go slowly, and break it down into small steps.

But the levels of service our deparrtment received from IT, shipping & receiving, facilities etc. went up astronomically. Response times were measured in minutes! Minutes, I tell you. Before Wendy, they were measured in days… outrageous favours were granted as a matter of course. Our whole departmental productivity went up because of that nice rack…

We just never let her make travel arrangements for us, as someone going to Sydney was just as likely to wind up in Nova Scotia as in Australlia, but other than that, it was great…