Would you like to shoot me now...

Kill the wabbit…kill the wabbit…

Yeah I know this is off topic, it’s desphcicable isn’t it…


Fortunately, I keep my feathers numbered for just such an emergency.

“Why must you be vexed?”

“Would I do this if my pal Rocky was in there?”
<fake Irish cop>
“You might rabbit, you might.”
</fake Irish cop>

Oh no! The Earthling has stolen the Plutonium Q-38 Space Modulator!

<another nitpick>
I’m pretty sure it’s an Eludium Q36 Explosive Space Modulator, jr8.

“No, Ah’d bettah not look. I just might be in there.”

Aha! Pronoun trouble!

Actually that is on the list of Things That Would Make Me Want To Marry You.

So [Pepe Le Pu voice] Oh mi petite flower, come away with me to ze casbah![/Pepe Le Pu voice]


My name is Elmew J. Fudd, millionaiwe, I own a mansion and a yacht…eheheheheheheheheheh!

You’re dispicable and and spicable…How anyone could get so dispicable in one lifetime is beyond me. And it’s not like I don’t know a lot of people, goodness knows it isn’t that…

(fingers splayed on either side of head)

I’m an elk

:holds up sign:
Elk Season


What did you expect for an opera? A happy ending?

“hmm, let’s run through that again. Do you want to shoot him now or shoot him later. He doesn’t have to shoot you now. Shoot me now. Got it. Pronoun trouble”

“I’m a fiddler crab! Shoot me! It’s fiddler crab season!”


[sub]That’s my favorite part!![/sub]

but everybody knows it’s really baseball season


I taut I thaw a Puty Tat!