Would you live with a convicted murderer after their release?

Do not need answer fast.

In 1954, mystery novelist Anne Perry was convicted of helping her best friend murder her best friend’s mother when the two were 15 years old (they bashed her repeatedly over the head with a rock). She served 5 years in prison, then was released and went to live with her mother.

(I found this out today because I knew that Perry had been accused of murder, but didn’t remember the details. So I looked them up.)

Anyway, I started thinking about the fact that she was released and went to live with her mother. I am not a mother, so maybe that makes a huge difference, but I think my thought pattern might be something like this: “Hmm, I am your mother and you were convicted of killing your best friend’s mother and… maybe I can find a nice cousin for you to live with. I’ll write!”

This question is a wide-open one, though. Do you think you could live with a convicted murderer? If under some circumstances but not others, spell them out, if you can. Maybe it depends on your prior relationship or the nature of the murder, etc.

For me? I’m thinking no (I might be screaming no) even though I think that we have to try to get people who have been released from prison back into society and try to accept them and all that.

There are some things that fundamentally change a person, and I think that wilfully taking the life of another human is one of those things. I wouldn’t ever be able to let my guard down around this person, unless there was more time in their life spent demonstrating to me that they were NOT a murderer anymore, than the amount of time that led up to the murder.

So, she’d have to be over 30, and have been a fucking SAINT ever since that happened, and demonstrate repeatedly that she knew it to be a wrong decision, her life’s changed, yadda yadda…

And she’d have to be good in bed. :slight_smile:

Was all that the basis for the movie Heavenly Creatures with Kate Winslet? I think I read that somewhere.

It depends. There’s first degree murder, and then there’s all kinds of second degree, self defense, manslaughter perhaps. I’m not sure I could live with someone convicted of first degree murder; that’s some serious shit.

Definitely depends on the circumstances of the murder. For example, there’s a thread somewhere around here about a man who was beaten during a home invasion, and then chased after the culprits, ultimately killing one of them when he rammed his car into theirs. He may be convicted of murder. But I don’t think that would have a huge impact on my decision to live with him, assuming I had other good reasons to do so.

At the other extreme, if someone had been a mass murderer and had supposedly reformed, I certainly wouldn’t be volunteering to offer them shelter in my home. I don’t think the fear would ever go away for me.

Depends on the murderer.

Seriously. I would have take into account who they murdered and why; it’s all a matter of how likely are they to kill again. Anne Perry? You’re probably quite safe. David Berkowitz? Not so much.

Definitely depends on the circumstances, but as others have said, I don’t think I could live with someone convicted of first degree murder. But now that I think about it…what if John plotted and planned the murder of Bob, who raped and murdered John’s child? (I put the names in because the pronouns were getting weird.)

But realistically I don’t think I could.

If I was to interact with a murderer, this person would have to have made a complete change in personality and know why they did it, and wouldn’t do it again. I’d rather interact with a reformed murderer, though, than someone who was an identity theif, laughed about it and thought nothing of destroying people’s lives than simply snuffing out their life. I’m funny that way.

Yes, according to Wikipedia.

Another with the “depends on the circumstances”.

There are different reasons why someone may be found guilty of first degree murder - I’d need to know what happened and the details. There are circumstances in which I’d find it acceptable.

So, I guess I’m answering “Yes, I could”.

In a scenario like in the OP where it was my own kid and there were apparently some kind of mitigating circumstances, absolutely. If you can’t go home to your mom then where can you go?

If it was some other relative or close friend I’d give them a chance unless it got to be dysfunctional or unless they had some kind of drug or alcohol or insanity problem.

If it were the sociopath cousin who had been setting fires and killing small animals since he was 8, then no.

Yep. She was born in England and her family returned there after she was released. She changed her name. She was a very successful author at the time the movie came out and no one knew it was her. After the movie people started to look into it and track down where the girls went. Iirc she denied it at first then came clean.

I would live with a former murderer.

I would be reluctant to live with serial criminals like murderers/rapists/thieves, but I firmly believe that criminals have paid their debt to society.

Everybody needs a second chance and I don’t think one-time killers are any more likely to kill a second time than a normal person (That’s just my opinion, I don’t know the facts).

Only if I knew the person well enough to be certain that they were wrongfully convicted. I’m cool with killing someone in self-defense if the circumstances warranted it – would be sympathetic to that, actually. But I believe that self-defense does not qualify for a conviction of anything.

For stuff like negligent homicide, manslaughter… I’m not impressed by people who are THAT careless. And would not want to share space with someone that irresponsible, cuz god knows when they’ll nod off/forget/whatever and do it again.

I have a friend who was tried for murder (acquitted, but his brother was convicted of the same murder and they were together that night [from their account, not murdering people]). Whether or not he actually had anything to do with it, I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to live with him for other reasons, but I wouldn’t be at all scared to. I’ve known him for years, he’s harmless to me. Very laid back guy who was into gangs and stuff many years ago, long before I knew him.

A sadistic murderer though, never. You can’t turn your life around from something like that. And in most cases, any kind of murderer isn’t someone I’d want to associate with, but it’s possible. Some people get caught up in bad things but are not evil. That person would have to be very far removed from their past lifestyle at the time I got close with them, so that I could be sure (as much as you can be) that they wouldn’t go back.

Woman kills husband because he’s an abusive asshole? Yes.

Woman kills husband for the insurance money? Hell no!