Would you patronize a movie theater that has a mobile device ban?

In this thread we’re discussing the shooting in a Florida movie theater, apparently precipitated by a fight regarding a movie goer who was texting.

So, would you see movies at a theater than had a no tolerance, enforced ban on mobile devices? Why or why not?

I personally would go there exclusively but I’m interested in hearing what you all think and why.

Define “ban” - as in, no bringing them into the theater at all, or “thing goes off immediately at (some point) and your ass is booted ASAP if you’re fucking around with your phone after that”?

Yes, Hell yes.

I’d love to see a movie without listening to someone on a phone, or seeing the glow from a screen, or hear the buzz of an incoming text message.

I can’t imagine anything in my life that wouldn’t survive waiting 90 minutes for a movie to finish. Before the 90s, we all survived that somehow.

Sure. I usually turn off my phone during a movie, anyway, and it’s nice to be able to see the movie without distractions.

Phones don’t bother me enough to really make that a draw.

I’d even go to a place that had a blocker running, so nobody’s phone could get a signal. Wouldn’t keep people from playing Plants vs. Zombies, but it’s a start.

Good question; I’m not sure. I know, for instance, that at the “sneak previews” I’ve attended one would be searched and if caught with a phone or whatever would be denied access / ejected. I guess it really doesn’t matter if the phone *is on your possession * so long as you’re not using it. So, I guess I’m talking about operating one. as I know it would rankle to have your property confiscated, even if temporarily.

Define what you mean by “ban”. Ban as in “silence your device, or else you’ll be booted out if it goes off”? Sure.

Ban as in “no mobile devices allowed, period.” No. I don’t want to have to lock my phone in the car for the duration of the show, and if I’m on call I need my pager and phone. (The difference is that I, unlike a hell of a lot of other theater patrons, know how to put my pager and phone on silent mode, and would leave the theater to answer any page or call should I receive one.)

I find screen glow incredibly distracting and annoying, but whether I would go to a theater with a hard ban would depend on what I, myself, would have to do to comply.

If I had to turn it completely off before I enter the theater and would be booted if I turned it back on, no problem.

If I weren’t allowed to carry it into the theater at all? No.

Where would I leave it anyway? I know you’re thinking “in the car,” but some of us actually go to the movies without driving to the multiplex. Neighborhood theaters rule.

Ban the possession? No. There are going to be emergencies, parents checking with babysitters, etc. However, they can go into the lobby to make their calls, just as people did in the days of payphones. I’d support a ban on casual cellphone use [del]or[/del] and texting once the lights go down, in other words, all phones shut off and in pockets.

Ban on use in the theater itself and a requirement you silence your phone? No problem. I would actually prefer such theaters and would be more likely to go there.

An actual block, or a blanket ban of even having them on you, wouldn’t be acceptable. I have mobility and health problems, and they’re unpredictable; my phone is my lifeline to get help in the unlikely event something bad happens to me. It just isn’t safe for me to be outside cell range. Even with someone else, what if we got separated?

It would make no difference to me. I don’t need to use mine, and I don’t think I care if other people use theirs, within reason. I don’t know though, I haven’t been to a movie theater since before people couldn’t go 2 seconds without looking at their phones. But I’m not into movies at all, so while I have no problem going to a movie if other people want to, I don’t really care about distractions. I really prefer to talk during movies actually (not that I’d do that in a theater, but at home).

I know some of you posted after my clarification, but just to make the question more clear, I’m speaking of a ban on *operating *one, lets say, from the time you enter the auditorium until you leave.

artemis, not trying to pick on you; you’re actually the responder I was hoping for so I can ask, respectfully, if you’re possibly expecting a page so important within the next two hours, why would you go to a movie?

Yes, I am never on call and I don’t have small children.

On the other hand, I would not agree to give some-one else my phone for the duration of the movie.

People went to movies, and everywhere, for years and years and years before they even had cell phones to take with them.

I’m cool with a ban.

I also don’t see why a person who requires a cell phone/pager (doctor or what have you) couldn’t have some sort of ID that excuses them from the ban.

It amazes me some people can’t go the entire process of going to the movies with out having their phone.

I’d be all for a law allowing theaters to set up devices blocking all mobile phone transmissions.

I don’t see how a theater “banning” mobile phones would be effective. At least not any more effective than the current rules we have now. Not unless you’re willing to hire somebody to work the door and give everyone a pat down.

Absolutely. When I went to see The Hobbit a few weeks ago, they announced that all mobile devices were to be turned off during the film. Anyone who needed to use one had to go out into the lobby. If you need to have your phone on for emergencies, put it on silent, and then leave the theater.

I’m in the position of having a cinema ~ 2.25 miles, walking distance but usually driven. I wouldn’t hike that far without a phone and I’m sure not going to leave a smart phone in an unattended vehicle in summer heat or winter cold.

I have no problem turning it off for the duration of the movie, but I would wait for the pic to come out on DVD before I would leave the phone behind.

Forgive me, but if there’s an emergency pending in your life, what the fuck are you doing at a movie? (dispensation for folks with medical problems)

Am I the only one who thinks there really isn’t a problem as-is? I don’t think I’ve ever heard a phone go off in a theater more than once or twice in the entire cell phone era, and in both cases the owner immediately silenced it rather than answering. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

EDIT: WOOKINPANUB, if you knew it were impending, it wouldn’t be an emergency.