Would you pay 50 bucks for a movie ticket?

A newly-renovated movie theater is charging over $50 for some seats. Would you pay that much to watch any movie?

I think the cinema is confused about the draw of watching live theatre and sporting events.

My rule of thumb is that I won’t pay more per hour for entertainment than I make per hour working. I’ll make occasional exceptions to that rule, but it has to be extremely high-quality entertainment. And most of my entertainment is far cheaper.

When you consider that there are still plenty of other theaters where I can still see a movie for a fifth of that, it’s a no-brainer.

There is a movie house that I have been to that charges along those prices, but it is the private luxury seating and the dinner that sells it, the movie is just part of the overall equation. For that matter there is another one that I have been to that is normal price and like the other is more of a dinner event then a show, but is much less, but much more casual. So there is a market for the luxury box seats, but really I would rather have the casual one.

If I had a lot more disposable income than I actually do, I might, at least once for the experience. I don’t, so I wouldn’t.

I barely go to the movies now for $15.

Hell No.

They want £25.75 to get a distorted view of the screen on the far sides? Does it come with a free massage and a pint of ale?

No way. They’ve already go nice theaters here in Chicago with great quality AV, reserved seating, and recliners. Tickets are less than $20. What am I going to get for $30 more?

It sounds like they are almost going to the airline ticket price model. I hope this fails, and they return to more conventional pricing. I would hate to see this model becoming more widespread. What’s next? McDonald’s charging twice as much for a burger at lunch because they are busier? BAH!

So, if I could avoid the highest price by choosing a different time, date, or seat, then I certainly would. More likely I would take my business elsewhere.

It’ll be interesting to see how long that lasts.

Not even if they offered free beer.

The only way I would pay fifty dollars to watch a movie is if they were projecting it on Olivia Munn’s nude body.

Will they immediately remove people who pull out their cellphones in the middle of the movie? What about people who talk loudly, or kick the seat in front of them? Because I’m willing to pay a little more for a more civilized audience.

No, but I can imagine being significantly richer to the point where it wouldn’t matter that much to me.

Amusingly, the most expensive seats are all the way at the back, the seats I would pay the least for.

Go to an Alamo Drafthouse. They take considerable pride in ejecting cell phone users and talkers. Shame they have the least comfortable seats in town.

If you’re referring to the seatmap in the article, Im assuming the priciest seats are on a balcony, so you’re eye level to the center of the large screen.

Yeah, if I wanted to go, I wouldn’t care if it cost $50. There would have to be 1) no crowds and 2) wine.

only if they gave me $40 worth of food with the ticket .