Would you rather be eaten by a crocodile or a shark?


Or otters, like Ottery St. Mary. I hear otters are quite popular with St. Peter, so it’d probably get you a leg up when you arrive at the pearly gates.

Anyway, can’t you just give me a revolver and a single bullet and let me take care of this like a gentleman?* If I absolutely had to pick one, based on the responses in this thread, I guess I’d pick shark.

*.44 Mag or better, please–I figure that ought to make a gator think twice, at least…

I’m going to go with Both. Might make my death pretty famous.

Also, there is a chance they will ignore me and attack each other.

You realize that they would store your nuts in a nearby tree?

I’ll go you one better, and use the technicality of an omitted word and no punctuation to stop me to rewrite the hypothetical.

Here is how I read the title:

“Would you rather be (a) eaten by a crocodile, or (b) a shark?”

I choose (b). I would rather be a shark.

Actually, sharks generally swim in shallower water.

Shark attacks generally occur in shallower water. And a good part of that is explained because human prefer to be in shallow water. But no, for our purposes, I don’t consider the middle of the ocean shallow, even if you don’t go below the 200m of the epipelagic zone.

If I were to graph my comfort as a function of water murkiness, it’d be a U-shaped curve. Clear water is alright, as is muddy swamp water. But when you’re in a field of opaque blue, you can’t help but feel helpless.