Would you rather be eaten by a crocodile or a shark?

If you had to make the choice. :confused:

Both would end up drowning you, but the croc has the death roll, where as the shark would tear chunks out of you.

Actually Great Whites are likely to swallow you whole, so there’s a third option.

I think it would be less embarrassing to be killed by a reptile than a fish. And at that, a primitive, boneless fish.

That and deep water is scary.

Yeah, if you’re a flounder.

I’d rather bleed out with localized pain, than drown. I’ll take fish food.

Does the shark have a frickin’ laser beam attached to its head?

My first thought was that if no escape is possible, then I just want the fastest. But then I thought, have people ever worshipped sharks as divine? Maybe I want to go to the crocodile heaven.

I’ll go [del]with[/del] in the shark.

Many victims of shark attacks report that the bite is virtually painless. Bleeding to death isn’t particularly painful either. Drowning may or may not happen before bleeding to death gets you first.

Crocs, on the other hand, seem more of the “tear you up, thrash you around, drown you slowly” school of thought.

I’m willing to be convinced that I’m prejudiced against crocs in this respect, but I don’t see how they’re going to come out better than a shark. At best, there will be a tie. In the case of a tie, I still have to go with the shark.

Or a human, or a bicycle for that matter (Great Whites have been found who have bicycles inside them). Their typical method of hunting is to come up at high speed from directly below with their mouth open and engulf their target; a hunting tactic that often leads to the target being eaten whole. Which is apparently why Great White attacks are more lethal than attacks by other sharks; sharks apparently don’t like how humans taste and will often take a bite then leave the human alone.

I’ll fight the hypothetical.

if escape is not an option, I’ll go the shark.

A decent size shark will kill you pretty quickly. A Croc will generally just try to drag you under and drown you and eat you later.

A shark - if death has to be the final result. Many sharks just take a bite and move on, though. So I would prefer one of the more aggressive breeds - like the Bull, Shortfin Mako, Great White and Tiger. If they’re interested enough in you, they may finish you off. Thankfully, sharks don’t see us as prey. Of course it would be terrifying, but a crocodile would be much worse, IMO.

*or Tiger…bah…too late to edit.

If I had my druthers, I’d druther be eaten by squirrels.

Tangential comment: SyFy needs to get on the stick and make a Sharkgator movie ASAP.

Sharks strike me as being authentically cold soulless robots. While alligators/crocodiles just pretend** to be cold soulless robots.

Sharks just operate on a program. It would be pure routine for them to eat me. No pleasure, just business. I have to respect that.

The alligator/crocodiles, though? Yeah, the reason their mouths are so big is because of all the smirking they do all the time. You’d be trying to run away from them, and they’d be thinking, “Look at this fool we got here. Shitting and pissing all over the place. Crying like a little pussy. I’m about to make me a sandwich, yessir!”

I want my death to be dignified. Give me the shark.

From what I’ve read, unconsciousness occurs very quickly after inhaling a lungful of water.

Yeah, but that lungful of water sucks. Have you seen that underwater footage of a croc holding it’s prey on the murky bottom?! No thanks.

I’ll take the thrashing and writhing and bleeding out. Also, you’re supposed to punch them on the nose, right? I might manage that. I’ve had stage fighting lessons. They’re weren’t aimed at sharks, or underwater, but I feel they might just give me an edge…? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I would not.

I loathe crocodiles. They scare the bejesus out of me with their cold, beady eyes and stillness. So I’m going with sharks.