Diver fights of shark that swallowed his head...with a chisel

Reuters link.

That’s just crazy.

Link doesn’t work.

Here is one that hopefully does:


I have to say, stabbing it with a chisel is much better than my Plan For Dealing With Sharks, which involved soiling my pants, screaming like a six-year-old girl, then being eaten alive.

Yes, that was a big story here yesterday.

One expert is suggesting in today’s paper that the shark mistook the diver for a seal.

Odd. The link in the OP works for me. Perhaps the shark’s sharks are already filing cease and desists for their libel suit…

I’m as nature-loving as they come, but I’m also a child of the 70’s, forever scarred by a certain shark film. I love the water, but if it is deep enough that you can’t see the bottom, I get a wee bit irrationally paranoid.

…As if that somehow makes it alright…

AAAGGGH! A shark is trying to eat me!.. what’s that… oh, you thought I was someone else… that’s OK then…

Now it works for me as well. My bad. :smack:

Now that is a man.

A very lucky man.

A very rich man. He’s already sold his story to one of our big networks.

If I were an attempted shark-appetizer and managed to fight the thing off with a chisel, I would sell my story to the highest bidder before the shark was 30 yards away.


Next research project: determine what configuration of accessories makes a human in the water seem particularly repulsive and indigestible to a shark… :smiley:

In the meantime resolved: avoid if possible such environments wherein* H. sapiens* is not the top predator :wink:

Feed your diving partner really potent sardines for lunch, skip the altoids, and wear a t-shirt over your wetsuit:

Yes, that’s why the shark stopped when he noticed the chisel: “Hey”, thought the shark, “seals don’t carry chisels. That’s quite odd.”

Why are all you people fawning over this guy? It’s no big deal - he is an Australian after all. We Aussies learn to fight off sharks by ourselves by the time we leave 5th grade.

Punching out a great white? Pfffft. Nothing!

Stingrays, they’re the ones that’ll kill ya!


I’m an Australian. I’m a great big girly, squealing wuss.

What saved that man was his lead weight vest, the shark couldn’t rend him in half due to the lead in his vest, even he admitted this. Still, remarkable escape! :eek:

When I was four years old, I toddled down to my local beach alone and found a baby shark wallowing in a rockpool. I carried the shark home to show my mum…alas it died on the way.

But that is what Aussie kids do. We are the best!!


I propose the issuance of lead vests to swimmers be mandatory as a precaution.