Would you rather everyone know you have $100 mil, or no one know you have $10 mil?

In other words, how much do you value your privacy and anonymity?

Or maybe, would you like the powers, perks and paparazzi of rockstar celebs?

Me? $10 million, no question.

10 mil.

Keep 'em guessing.

$10 mil. Though I think it would depend on how the money was aquired. If I had a 100mil becuase I was a movie star or sports hero, forget it. OTOH, if I had 100mil becuase I was a CEO of a huge company or I was just really good at investing, that would be differnet because it would bring less attention.

But if you are saying the fame comes with the 100 mil, I don’t think I’d want it. I’ll take the 10 million, keep my job and live nicely.

$10 mil, no question. At my age even after I make a few gifts to friends and family and buy a house I’d still have enough left to live on the rest of my life. I don’t need to live extravagantly.

$10 million, easy choice. I can’t even enjoy a good ‘winning the lottery’ fantasy because I get too paranoid about the idea of security concerns for my family and being asked for money constantly by everyone. I would hate the loss of privacy more than I would enjoy the money.

<hijack>Are there any large lottery winners who have managed to stay anonymous?</hijack>

I’ll go ahead and take the $100 million, because if I had $10 million, everyone would know anyway. I have a big mouth.

Gimme the 100. I’m a greedy sumbitch.

$100 mil. I live in Silicon Valley - nobody is going to notice.

I’d be willing to take the 100 mil. It’s one thing for everybody to know, it’s another for everybody to care. There are a number of people who are known to the public to have that much money or more, but not all of them are hounded by paparazzi and fans. If one is not engaged in the kind of ongoing public activity common to movie stars, rock stars, etc., there’s not much to stimulate or maintain interest in them. I don’t think privacy would necessarily be lost.

When I first opened the thread, I immediately thought 10 mil - no questions…

Then I scrolled down a little. I guess I don’t care if people know I have money, as I never cared if they knew I didn’t. I’d take the 100, but not live an extremely extravagant life. I probably would never work and publish horrible novels, but I could live off that 100 for some time. Who cares if people know. (Note that I am from a small village in Ohio, people think 100k is uber-rich sometimes)

Brendon Small

Hell, give me the 100 million…in the grand scheme of things, with so many billionaires, I will be old news before Paris Hilton gets another DUI.

Besides, I would take a nice six month vacation traveling around the world, and by the time I got back, only the obscure relatives would still be beating on my door - and I would love to tell them where to go.

How would you know?

I think I’d rather have the $10 million, just because if I had $100 million, I’d turn into a really rotten SOB. (Or more likely just let my rotton SOB side come out.)

I think 90M$ could buy me plenty privacy and security.
So I’ll take my chances with the 100 Million, (and let my SOB side out).

$100 million. Because it’s ten times more, you see. It makes sense that there would be more assassination attempts on millionaires (although as I say that it sounds vaguely silly). I wonder what the statistics are?

$100MM. There are plenty of ways to hide the fact that you have huge amounts of money. The more you have, the less you have to spend proportionally to disguise it in a maze of trusts and holding companies.

If some uncouth ass I know is planning to hit me up for money, he’s gonna hit me up whether I have $10MM or $100MM. So I’ll take the hundred.

But that’s the beauty of it. If no one knows you have $10M, there’s only so far they can hit you up with. You may even buy a Bentley. Some will know how much it costs, but since they don’t know your net worth, you can always say “I got nothing left”. With a $100M publicly known net worth, they know you got more.

10 mil or 100 mil, but nobody knows except me and the taxman.

100M, I don’t answer my phone as it is.

I’ve heard that the biggest problem for people who come into large amounts of money are the people that come out of the cracks and hitting you up for some. As I said, I don’t answer my phone now.

In my world, the difference between $10mil and $100mil is unimportant - Either would be more than enough to meet all needs I have, and all needs I can reasonably anticipate that I ever will have. So, I’ll take $10mil + Privacy, thankyouverymuch!


In Delaware, and a few other states, PowerBall winners may choose to remain anonymous.