Would you rather spend an evening with Frank Sinatra or Harlan Ellison?

First one who points out that they are both dead loses the internet for life.

Everything I’ve read of them and everything I’ve seen of them in interviews makes me think I’d enjoy an evening with The Chairman of the Board.

Ellison, so I could ask him who he was.

Now that I’ve googled him, I still think I’d go with Ellison. Sounds interesting.

Definitely Ellison.

Ellison. Dangerous Dining.

Can I go with Phil Hartman’s version of Frank Sinatra?

Is everyone familiar with the story about the time they met?

Ellison, by a long shot.

I can’t have both, and Harlan wearing boots?

Stay home and soak my feet.

Is Frank going to sing, or are we just chatting? If he’s singing, Frank. If it’s just conversation, Ellison.

I’m not very familiar with Ellison. I just read his Wikipedia page, and it seems he was a fascinating person, and probably someone I’d have liked to know.

But we’re talking just one night here? Sinatra, hands down. Preferably in Vegas during the RatPack era.

Sinatra. I’ve spent an evening with Harlan before. :smiley:

I would be somewhat afraid to engage Ellison in conversation, so I’m gonna have to go with Sinatra. I imagine it would probably be a much more relaxed and congenial experience.

Ditto. Not something I’d want to do again.

Can I get Frankie to punch somebody?

I like both of their works. But from everything I’ve heard, both were pretty bad people to be around.

I guess if I had to spend an evening with one of them, I’d pick Sinatra. He at least seemed to know how to enjoy himself even if he preferred to surround himself with sycophants. With Ellison, I’d probably end up listening to him complain for a couple of hours.

I understand Ellison good be pretty gracious in some social settings. And he could be funny, which goes a long way. Sinatra could apparently turn into an abusive jerk at the drop of waiter’s water glass. Also I feel Ellison in a foul mood might be more creative with his insults :p.

I’d probably go with Ellison. Decades in civil service has inured me to constant bitching about life ;).

For my own part, Sinatra has brought me vastly greater pleasure in life than has Ellison. I listen to the Sinatra channel on Sirius daily. I couldn’t tell you the last time I revisited anything by Ellison. Further, a night out with Sinatra holds the promise of meeting other members of The Rat Pack. A night out with Ellison holds, maybe, meeting other writers about whom I don’t give a shit or maybe big time fans who organize conventions, about whom I also don’t give a shit. Both had enormous egos. sinatra tended to think of himself as the most important guy in the room. Ellison tended to think of himself as the smartest guy in the room. I find the former easier to tolerate.

Ellison. We have far more in common, and his reputation is exaggerated.

I’d take Ellison over Sinatra. At least with the former, I wouldn’t be at risk of ending up in a hole in the desert if I inadvertently said the wrong thing.

‘Ol’ blue eyes’ for me.