Would you recognize me as Matthew Lesko for Halloween?

If I dressed as Matthew Lesko for Halloween, would you recognize the costume, or would you just think I was the Riddler from Batman?


Please assume that I would walk around with a phone book or two (with a home made cover) shouting about “The government will give you $10 just to drink that beer… and $5 to smoke that cigarette! $40 to hit the dance floor!” and on and on.

Good idea or keep thinking?

Be careful. Many people might recognize you as “That annoying as fuck guy from those commercials whose ass I’ve always wanted to kick”.

Both. See if you can get the Government to subsidize your Halloween Costume Research Project.

Small anecdote: I actually met with Matthew once very briefly. He is a master of self promotion because he is very smart, thoughtful, and mellow in person. I was shocked to see one of his commercials AFTER I met him. He made a great impression purely as a business person.

Frank Gorshin’s Riddler would never wear anything so garish, nor would John Astin’s Riddler. Jim Carrey’s Riddler might but he also has that bright-red hair.

November 1, 2005

Local man severly beaten over choice of halloween costume. Party goers tell of being overcome with first annoyance, then rage at utterly irritating guest.

“After he shreaked at me if I’d like $5 to drink a beer, it sounded like a good deal. Then he started in about government grants to smoke and dance…I just couldn’t take any more! I started out just wanting to shove his book up his ass, but then others joined in and, well, I guess we just went overboard.”

Film at 11.
Just kidding here, I think it would be a pretty original idea, actually. You would only have to pull the schtick on newbies, probably not even get the book shoved up your ass (unless, you know, you like that sorta thing)

Heh. Speaking for myself, I would be thinking “clever costume” as I chained shut the dumpster into which I had dumped your unconscious body.

Now, if you had the same costume, but a piece of duct tape over your mouth, now that I could get behind.

You start planning your Halloween costume in February?

For me, it’s always on my mind… by far my favorite holiday.

That’s how I think of him. I always want to put duct tape over that annoying mouth and kick him a lot.