would you report a pedophile coworker ?

Let’s see.

Person A says that there’s nothing immoral about stealing from big companies and he sure could use the cash, but won’t steal since it’s illegal.

Giving this person a job involving handling large sums of money would be goddamned stupid. After the fact, the most clueless people in the universe (other than the ones who gave him the job) would be asking “Just what were you thinking?”
Person B openly admits to wanting to have rape babies for the purposes of sexual gratification, but says he won’t because it’s illegal.

How clueless do you need to be to trust this person around children?

Doesn’t really matter that you can’t prove that he HAS done it.
He admits the desire and interest.

So while he cannot be locked up, he should certainly be prevented from being in a position where it may be possible for him to fulfill his desires.

As for his Employers, this person has, by dint of openly stating this preference, made himself a liability to the company. Both for the purposes of employee morale and company reputation. God forbid they have a “Bring your child to work Day” or company picnic, because his fellow employees are likely to have severe, and completely justified, reservations about his presence. Just as the company would have justifiable concerns about their liability in those situations.

It’s disturbing the peace, which can actually be a misdemeanor, depending on where you live. Now, calling the cops because you overheard the husband say “You know, sometimes I could just kill that woman”, well, that would be silly.

Warned that there are pedophiles in the world? We know. Like I said, if the person works with children, then their employers should absolutely be alerted. But do you propose we start locking people up or targeting them for harassment based on stuff they might do someday?

“Dude, your girlfriend was like so hot. I totally wanted to do her. Too bad she married that Richard guy. Ha ha, yeah, you know that won’t last. Hey – chick or no chick, we’ll always be bros, right?” Were you right in trusting them to hang out alone? Should you trust him in the future?

In a regular work environment I’d probably report it to HR as a sexual harassment issue. Someone deciding to tell me intimate sexual details about themselves that I’m uncomfortable with gets them reported. I’m pretty comfortable with people talking about their sex lives with me so I’d probably come off as a total douche to said pedophile as I wouldn’t report most other subjects as sexual harassment. I’d likely report anyone telling me they would like to rape someone as well. When I’m at a job I’m there to work not listen to some perverts fantasies.

My current job I’d fire them as a business percussion. I work in peoples homes. I have access to hundreds of customers houses. My customers trust me to be honest and safe to have in their homes and sometimes around their children. Reputation is important. If someone is willing to tell me about their sexual fantasies of children its possible they may tell someone besides myself. All my business is from existing customers or new customers through word of mouth. Last thing I’d want is a reputation as that guy who brings pedophiles into peoples homes. That guy who fires pedophiles unfairly is a much better reputation to have.

When I was working for Home Depot we had an employee accused of molesting a young girl. It was brought to our(managements) attention in the form of an article in the local paper provided be another employee. We let him go that day. He was brought into an office with the store manager and told his employment was terminated. I do not believe any cause was stated. It simply did not matter whether he did or didn’t do what he was accused of. I have no idea if he was ever found guilty or innocent.

Way too many of you guys have bought the propaganda of pedophiles that pedophilia is just another sexual orientation: it’s not. It’s a maladaptation. It’s either desires you don’t want to have, or someone who finds absolutely nothing wrong with it.

The fact that this person feels they need to tell someone is enough of an indicator that the person’s pedoerotic desires are quite high. The fact that they had to stipulate that they wouldn’t act on them sounds a lot more like denial to me. I don’t need any other data to assume they might act on their desires. And if they are working with kids, the only way I might not report is if I thought they were getting psychiatric help–I’d let the therapist assume that role, as they know risky behavior better than I.

One of the first things they teach a pedophile is that they don’t really like children, they like the feelings they get being around them. A psychologist usually stipulates that the person not work with kids until it is taken care of (if that is at all possible.)

Now, mind, there is a difference between admitting wanting to having sex with a kid and finding them attractive. One can find something attractive without wanting to have sex with it. This does happen with plain old “sexual orientation”; heck, I’ve seen hetero posters on here talk about same sexed individuals they find somewhat attractive, as well as the opposite.

Also, I almost left out the OCD problem: being scared that you might have sex with children, even though you find the idea appalling. For someone with that disorder, you have to realize that, if you are scared that you might do something, that’s proof that you would do everything in your power not to.

But if someone flat out tells me you want to have sex with children? And you’re working with kids? You’d better bet I’ll tell. Not working with kids: well, I’d probably give a psychologist ultimatum first, as there’s less immediate danger. If I can get them to a psychologist by not telling, that would technically be better.

Note: The problem with extracting this to what the SDMB staff should do is that everyone who needs to know around here already knows. Calling the police won’t help, as they can’t do anything until a crime is committed. The best course of action, then, is to try and get the offender to admit to a crime (as has happened in other cases), rather than try to get the offender banned. Even if you succeeded, would anyone be any safer?

Yes, for his own sake. He should question why he is in that line of work, and where it’s going to lead him. But I can’t force him to make the choice. Again, flaming liberal speaking. The oldskool kind of liberal.

Personally I’d have little moral problems with beating the living crap out of the individuals who have raped friends of mine, but would that make me unqualified to work in an environment where I come into contact with convicted rapists? I can control my instincts, why shouldn’t he be able to? Slight hyperbole, but merely stating an example.

I’m not saying I like the idea, but once again…you’re promoting the punishment of an individual due to what’s inside his head. Lets wander that path a bit further, shall we? Would you like to have him locked up? Forbidden to use the internet? What about castrated? Why don’t we wire him up, so that every time he thinks a sexual thought he gets a nice jolt of electricity. And we kill his cat.
What punishment to fit what crime? He has done nothing, so what should his punishment be?

(For argument’s sake, let’s ignore that he discussed his sexual preferences in the parking lot, which is another cause for censure in itself. Presume that the knowledge of his pedophilia came out indirectly.)

I’m not promoting “punishment,” I’m promoting telling his employer if he works around children. That would be a huge liability for them, especially when he offends (and he WILL offend).

I would tell the police what he had told me.

Pedophiles are taken very seriously by police where I live.


I know of that I speak.


I wouldn’t report because I’d think of it as a sick joke first. Who goes around telling other people that? Its much more likely he’s an idiot rather than a pedo.

Now if I was convinced he was serious, then it be equally likely that I’d be convinced he was serious about not touching any kids, so either way I’m fine with just ignoring him.

Glad to know the kiddies can rely on you.

Yes, Dio, what if your job did NOT involve children.

You are absolutely correct about there being no ‘consensual’ way to have sex with an infant.

I see temptation as being temptation. I can only compare types of temptation I have felt.

I personally never developed a moral opposition to theft until I forced myself to do so- I think using what others here refer to as CBT, but I am not positive. It just never took before that. As a child, the rewards were worth the risks to me.

Over time, I realized that the rewards were not worth the gains consistent with my changed goals and viewpoints, so now I think differently.

Now I honor integrity over all else, sometimes to a fault, although I try to temper with kindness, and I think that in the type of world I would now espouse, I should never have been allowed to live.

I have no idea if the same sort of change would be possible in someone with the paedo issues, and I don’t really care. But I wouldn’t go farther than reporting them to my boss as a sexual harasser, even if hypocritically compared to other shit I would put up with, as was mentioned by another poster.

Oh, and I do agree with the death penalty for child molestation. One year for appeal, just in case there was error, then death. Same for rape.

He did answer my question (post #62):

Why’s that, because you’d want to kick his ass? Why wouldn’t you – because you know you’d get in trouble for it?

Well, what reason do we have to believe that you wouldn’t actually do it, besides your word, which doesn’t sound all that convincing?

Guess we should report you to the police for the precrime of assault, eh?

You have no assurance that I wouldn’t kick his ass, and I never said anything about reporting the pedo to the police, so that’s a strawman. What you shouldn’t do is leave me alone with the pervert for too long.

Sorry; I suppose that was more aimed at those crying for the FBI to get involved.

Replace it “report you to the boss as a potentially dangerous employee who has shown a desire to assault, but claims he wouldn’t do it.”

Yep. I’d report his ass. Assurances that he wouldn’t really do it are meaningless.

You should distinguish between desired outcome in the “One and Only One” hypothetical case and the “General Situational” hypothetical case.

Would you report the one and only possible conceivable pedophile coworker who would ever exist and make such a statement? Oh, perhaps you would? Perhaps you’d even just go ahead and shoot the dude & figure you’re saving the world from this creep?

Yeah but.

Would you report A hypothetical pedophile coworker, in other words creating a work environment in which anyone making such a statement would be subject to ramifications and consequences for doing so? Seems to me all you’d succeed in doing is making the conversaton topic verboten. Wouldn’t get pedophiles in general fired. Would not make your workplace pedophile-free. WOULD make life at your workplace one footstep closer to a witch-hunt, more or less, depending on how specific such a statement had to be before triggering such a reaction. Quite possibly it would become a workplace where no one is quite comfortable saying they “really like kids”. Could even become an environment in which no one but female parents are safe acknowledging the existence of children.

C’mon. Rethink this in terms of what the fuck you expect to accomplish.

Me, I favor free speech. I have far more fears of evil things growing in the dark than I do of evil things being seen in the bright light.

It’s got nothing to do with fucking free speech. Free speech is about what the government can do. You have no right to free speech in a fucking workplace.

I would agree, I would seek to ostracize him as best as I can if possible have him resign or fired.

It always amazes me when people feel that the best way to deal with someone with a psychiatric disorder is to ostracize them.