would you report a pedophile coworker ?

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Say you have a co-worker who proudly spills out his inclination to have sex with babies but won’t because its illegal.

How do you respond ?

I would report him and do everything I can to ensure he no longer works with me.

Report him for what? Saying he wants to have sex with babies?

Ok, he would probably be fired. But legally, what is there to charge him with?

Report him to who? For what? He hasn’t actually done anything illegal.

Police . To keep an eye out for him ?

Your boss, naturally. I most certainly would. At the very least, he’d probably end up making his coworkers very uncomfortable.

After that, it’s up to the boss to see what he wants to do with it.

If the police “kept an eye on him” because of a report from you (or anyone) that there’s something he said he’d like to do that he said he won’t do because it’s illegal, he could probably win a tidy sum in his harassment lawsuit. OTOH, by even discussing the subject at work, he’s sexually harassing everyone in earshot, and should be disciplined for it, and fired if it continues.

If the job entails working with or around children, I’d report it to my supervisor.

If not, then the only potential problem I have with it, other than being weirded out, is that this co-worker is discussing sex life at work.

While there’s no point bothering with the police, I most certainly would say something to my boss, since this is a highly inappropriate subject for the workplace.

I suppose it depends on your workplace and your relationship with your coworkers. My response pretty much mirrors Bearflag70’s.

ETA: I see no justifiable reason to bring the police into the situation as described by the OP.

I gotta agree with Cesario this time. We can’t go all Minority Report on thought crime.

I wouldn’t report it to the police, he hasn’t broken any laws or indicated his intention to do so. If he worked with children I’d report him to his bosses.

I’d also find out whether any of his neighbours had small children and if so advise them to keep those children away from him.

Why? As you said,

Are you saying that it’s a bad idea to involve the police, but it’s okay to publicly ostracize him in the neighborhood?

I’ll remember to call the police the next time I hear a coworker make a misogynist remark about women. You know, because he might rape one. You know. Just so they can keep an eye out for him. Follow him around. That kind of stuff. Yeah, that’s what I like the police to do.

Sorry, but any pedophile, until he acts on his needs, is innocent and has the same rights to privacy as anybody else. A lot of people have a lot of weird shit going on in their heads, but thinking and acting are two different things.

Also, if a coworker admitted to me that he was a closet pedophile, my tip to him would be to closet the fuck up a bit better in the future, and to seek help to keep it closeted.


>>>thinks to self <<<< I wonder if the guy in the parking lot heard me.

Dream on folks.

I have worked with 2 pedophiles, that I know of, and neither the former school teacher or the mad keen sports coach gave any indication that anyone at work picked up. Both times it was arrive at work and be asked, “did you know that Joe Blow had been arrested in that child porn sweep last night?”

Anonymous internet admissions are one thing but I can’t recall a case where someone inadvertently gave themselves away. These guys know how to keep secrets. Hell, they are living them.

Paedophilia isn’t illegal.

Child abuse is illegal.

Does this apply to other crimes? Would you report someone who said they’d like to do drugs, but they don’t because that’s illegal? I’ve read posts on this very board from people who admit they want to commit assault, vandalism, etc. but AFAIK, they haven’t actually done so. Should I report them? Where do you draw the line?

FWIW, a co-worker of mine (who I worked fairly closely with) was arrested as a pedophile. It took us all by surprise – he certainly never talked about anything, or hinted in any way at his obsession. but one day he didn’t show up, and there was his name in the paper.

Another flaming liberal who wants to increase our taxes-great!
You do know how much we would need to increase the police budget for them to keep an eye out for potential criminals, let alone pay for all the ensueing civil rights lawsuits that would follow, right?

Ditto! I am completely appalled by our prediliction to penalize thought crime. I find it pretty icky in and of itself that somehow we think that policing a person and following him around is going to make him less likely to commit a crime.

When you were teens and your parents were convinced you’d done X, did it make you not want to do X, or did it make you want to do it more? After all you were already getting punished, so why not?

I would simply ask my boss to intervene and ask the person not to discuss it. But it’s not going to happen. We’ll never know until it happens - they just won’t tell you. Now maybe if we weren’t all so quick to rush to the police, it might be a topic for discussion, because if we were all more relaxed over it, a pedophile might just be more willing to ask for help. I think we won’t get to that though.