Would you resort to cannibalism to survive?

I think I probably would, if placed in a situation where, in order to LIVE I had to eat another person.

Oh, and I’m not talking about killing someone just to eat them. I’m talking about eating the people who are already dead or who have died.

If it was your only source of food, would you eat another person? Or would you just go without eating?

I know this kind of question has got to be hard to answer unless you were actually in the situation…however I’ve seen more than one post on here where Dopers have said that they’d actually be curious to try human flesh.
So, this is where this question comes from. You said if you’d eat your pets if you were starving…so now answer this one, would you give in to cannibalism if you had to live?

Well I would but not immediately. If there were a way to preserve the body I would starve myself for a few days first. Assuming you have water though you could prob go a month without eating

Yes. Next question.

If it came down to eat someone or die very soon, I’d chow down. I believe it would seriously traumatize me for the rest of my life, but I think the human drive to survive would override almost anyone’s disgust, and almost anybody would do it.

mmmmmm. Is that Long Pig I smell in here?

I’d do it, and I’m not sure it would traumatize me. It’s very clearly a last resort, and ranks on about the same moral level as stealing a loaf of bread from the store when one is starving. Later on in life, I would probably get a kick out of declaring, “I’m feeling a mite peckish,” and glancing about speculatively.

Why would this be a hard question? Sometimes society’s idea of morality confuses me. They are dead and have no use for their soon to be rotting corpse. Why not eat it? No starving for a few days and agonizing here.

Although depending on conditions I may dither over whether I thought they were carrying parasites. Never a USDA meat inspector around when you need one.

I’m pretty fat and could go a few weeks of fasting before my body actually needed food. As long as I was getting between two quarts to a gallon of fresh water to drink, along with some salts, I should be fine.

After that?

I’m pretty self-sacrificing.

It depends on how long I was stranded for. If several hours had passed without signs of help being on the way, my travelling companions might have to sleep with one eye open…

Between dead humans and living pets I’d eat the dead humans. And give the pets their share, too.


Yes, I would.

In order to survive? Heck, in certain situations (and during a certain time of the month), I’d probably commit homicidal cannibalism just to be rid of an annoying personality. There’s room for only one Tallulah on this lifeboat, peaches! :wink:

Yes. But they’d have to be recently dead. No rotting in the sun for a week please. Hey, this begger can be a chooser.

I’ve actually wondered on more than one occasion what it would taste like. I hear the buttocks is especially tasty.

And yeah, cannibalism first (doggie gets his share), then doggie burgers if it came down to it, though I’m not too sure about that one. I might have to starve him to death or toss the fetch stick off a cliff… don’t think I could kill him with my bare hands.

If I’d eat my pets to survive, and I would, I certainly wouldn’t draw the line at two-footed mutton.

Survive? Last week I ate a dude at work because he smelled like bacon.

Yep. No different from blood transfusions or organ donations, when it comes down to it. Tastier, too.

think it’d depend on whether I had to skin and cook the meat myself. if so, I’d try, but I don’t think I’d be able to any more than I’d be able to cut off a part of my own body to cook. I can’t even remove the insides from a chicken or clean a fish, much less peel the skin off and debone a human.

I hypothetically survive a plane crash in the Rockies, as does my theoretical, loyal pet Corgi. Also surviving are the proverbial chatty person from the row behind me (who didn’t stop talking through the entire flight (right up until impact, that is)) and their obligatory child who kept kicking my seat and screaming (right up until impact).

I’d butcher the person behind me to feed myself and my dog, and tie up their kid in case the rescuers take more than 2 or 3 hours to find us.

I’d need a handy hibachi, though. I couldn’t do with pan-frying or boiling; but searing over hickory or apple wood, a dash of brown sugar and cayenne, garlic, salt and pepper…mmm… heck, I’d take that over an in-flight meal.

I suspect your squeamishness would soon vanish if survival were at stake.

I cetrtainly would, especially if I was surrounded by people of Good Taste.

I agree with those who don’t “get” the reluctance of people in extreme situations who wouldn’t take advantage of the nutritional value of corpses. When that soccer team crashed in the Andes there was a media feeding frenzy because “They Ate Human Flesh” (the actual title of a rushed-into-print account of the ordeal, long before Read’s book “Alive!” came out). My reaction : it was the reasonable thing to do.

Killing live human beings in order to stay alive, now. That’s a different kettle of fish.

(“Men, I’m afraid you’re going to have to… eat me.”
“Ewww! With a gammy leg?”
“Don’t be ridiculous. There’s plenty of good meat there…”
“It’s not that , sir. It’s just that…”
“Well, I’d rather eat Johnson, sir.”
“Me, too!”)